Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The dream of all dreams.

Hello dying blog.

The dream of all dreams.
A true world meaning a world without concealment.

Impossible to live in one being let alone in 7 billion.

In Classical Greek, Lethe literally means "forgetfulness" or "concealment". The Greek word for "truth" is a-lethe-ia, meaning "un-forgetfulness" or "un-concealment".

“a” as the absence of, the negation of.

There is a huge difference now between forgetting and concealing. As one could be a passive innocent act and the other a dark, deceitful crime.

Often practiced in politics and in so-called Justice.  Who is better at concealing than a lawyer or a prosecutor even? 
Who also is better at concealing than the forces of the law, police and such? 

Who is better at concealing than one who wants a war and moreover one who profits greatly from it?

Good and Evil are apparently concepts “CREATED” by the homo sapiens.

Most animals have no such issue. The lion will kill and eat with no conscience and a lot of male animals will bash the shit out of another male with not a drop of guilt just in order to get laid.

But this modern ape here has developed a way to kill thousands and yet millions without a single beep on their conscience radars.  

People working for Dupont and Dow and Lockheed, Kalashnikov and what not. 

All those guns enthusiasts, that don’t seem to realise that that bullet is not fun and games when it is within a loved one, don’t seem to extrapolate much or empathise.  They would rather enjoy the sound and power with a Neanderthal grunt.

Mind you nowadays in fact we don’t have to worry so much about casualties of wars as the greatest amount of casualties comes from the very fact that we humans are not MADE for such horror and cannot stand it so sooner or later we put an end to the horror ourselves in the form of suicide.

It takes a special kind of soul destroying confused as martial training to throw napalm on kids and other form of horrors common today as cremation of children and innocents by drones.

I seem to be a broken record really, a scratched one, a voice in the desert, my throat or my keyboard full of sand.

But in the name of stupid non-existent gods and what not we keep killing each other enticed by slime bucket greedy powerless priests, pastors, and imams who, take away their lies delusions and obsolete old books, have nothing at all. Nothing at all.  They wave a useless magic wand that is nothing but a piece of stick or some dust from an old tree in the form of a useless written fable.

It seems so easy to entice mobs into mindless ignorance and violence and lynching and stoning and what not appealing to the ape within all of us, manipulating souls to their own end and power.  

Everyone is a fucking Napoleon and little pope and judge and jury and executor.  Everyone KNOWS for sure what is wrong and what his right according to their own crazy, warped, fucked-up little mind and kingdom.  This monotheism being utter bullshit because everyone has their own personal little god shaped to their own convenience cherry picking whatever they want in obsolete books and filling up the rest with their whims and preferences according to their own “sins”. And their little god is totally different from their neighbour’s little god.

Breaking all the rules but like a good serial killers rationalising all of their actions.

In fact it is impossible to totally detach the Old Testament God, who is as Sharia as fuck, from the god of the new testament Jesus or not.  A very infantile petty god to begin with and one who should have known that creating a “chosen” people was just as violent as can be.  That tall poppy god wouldn’t have lasted long in Australia to begin with. Oh so you ARE CHOSEN eh? Let us show you how fucking chosen you are here.

The best minds, Steve Jones being one of them, sadly seem to agree that religion, as false as it is, is here to stay unfortunately. 

In my science fiction utopian book it is nothing short of a delusion and therefore a mental illness in a far future but the future won’t last that long and another 4 billion years is just not enough.

As long as there will be religion, borders, and politics there will be no room for harmony, peace, love, beauty, and especially logic and reason.

Oh I forgot one of the most important thing: the “root of all evil”, speaking of rooting that would be another track to diverse as this cause is a source of violence among many animals and living things but let’s go back to shekels now.

Impossible to imagine us reverting to bartering or such system and even them some would barter more than others for sure and probably barter drugs and hits too.

Shekels highly associated with our great sanguinary thirst for power as Nietzsche would say.  Shekels which allow you to buy justice and blind judges.

What kind of mega apocalypse would we really need? Apply eugenics to its very best down to the very 2 best specimens ever (okay maybe a few more to avoid inbreeding we have enough of that already) and even then I predict the exact same results: Greed, Ignorance and Violence.

One does not need the Panama papers to know that the inequality in this world is incommensurable.
I wish I could imagine a workable utopia but the raw materials are simply missing.

No wonder many attempts at utopia turned into dystopia extrapolating on our human savageness.
IF I was to leave a verse in this world to become “immortal” for a short time lol , make it 1 to 4 billion years, it would be by writing the best utopia ever followed by the best dystopia ever… anything but this sad reality of warring apes and deceitful thieves.  But I doubt it unless like many artists have done in the past I am endowed by one out of this world most energetic and inspired mania ever.

Right now I seem to only live in depressive realism.

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