Tuesday, May 3, 2016

My day so far

It’s 3:15 PM and I’ve been up for 45 minutes. 
Slept for 11 hours more or less.

More or less because my sleep was interrupted by another Alzheimer’s Inception series of nightmares.

Almost done with coffee ready for breakfast soon.

On the bench or counter as we call it where I come from is a can of Brunswick Kippers

Pure Canadian AND Caught Wild!!! 

A bit like me I said. 

There was a time where one did not have to print caught wild on a can of fish.

Next I am the underdog on an internet vote hahaha where I voted FOR a drinking license in NSW or the whole Australia in fact a bit like a driving license with P plates and L plates and what not.

The vote being at the time I did it at 93 for the Yeas and 115 for the Nays.

Then there was another what is the world coming to on Facebook for a change

 And then there is this one here I could write a book on. 

Too old to be around people who don’t understand the concept of honesty and loyalty.

Well well well Honesty Okay but define loyalty now! 

This is where I totally disagree with Jonathan Haidt in ruling Loyalty under Morality.

This is also where I strongly disagree with the old 

“Blood is Thicker than Water” bullshit saying 

usually used by the likes of 

Hatfields/McCoys or

Capulets/Montagues type.

Loyalty to me is to principles not people.

And we could go on from there good old Haidt and I. :) 

Loyalty is in general much misused than the other way around.

Think religion and politics and cults and what not.

One could even say loyalty is a right wing concept.

It is used and abused for the only purpose of power and control.

But since it is too early to write a book I will leave it at this and proceed to breakfast.

Eggs and Sausage a side of toast but not over easy though, sunny side up always.

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