Friday, April 15, 2016

Linguistics and Life

Language apparently is what differentiates us from animals.

It has been deeply studied by great minds, Chomsky and all

What has puzzled me in the past and puzzles me more and more every day is that in this humanly created concept of good and evil we humans seem to be lacking words for the good side or seemed anyway in the ancient languages.

And that first letter of the Alphabet that big Alpha, Aleph, , capital ‘A’ becomes the nomination of many good things in its NEGATION. ‘A’ being mostly for ABSENCE here. The NEGATION of something; its opposite.

There is no truth, there is the absence of concealment and deception: Aletheia.

There is no opposite of greed lobha there is the absence of greed alobha.

There is no opposite of hate/aversion dosa there is the absence of hate adosa.

There is no opposite of ignorance/delusion moha,  there is the absence of ignorance amoha.

I have no answer to all this but it does raise many questions one of them being the Pilatean Aphorism:

 “What Is Truth?”

What is good? What is evil? Everyone has a different answer to that.

Each religion believes the other one is wrong and moreover each sect of each religion believes the other sect is wrong. If you’re not doing it MY WAY you are going to hell in a basket.

Virtues and Honour are different words in different cultures. 

Honour killing is a word now how humorous!   

Hara Kiri was an honour suicide for one and a grieving wife or mother for another a bit like today’s suicide bombers.

Hard to define morality at all now with all these impossible situations tests what if you had the choice to kill one to save one thousand blah blah blah. Always hated role playing. 
I’ll tell you when I get there IF I get there. 
I’ll play it by ear, 
I’ll wing it. 
I’ll cross that bridge if it ever comes to me 
in the meanwhile I won’t waste my brainpower of mindless hopeless ridicule situations that will never happen in a million years. 

These sociologist wannabes play games like the kids on 9gag if you had a superpower which one would you choose? 
Well I don’t have superpowers and your question is moot and puerile.

When it comes to the usual ultimate evil the big one in most people’s mind even that area is a million shades of grey. 

Thou shalt not kill.  

All life is based on killing other life forms. 
Big fish eats little fish. 
Little fish eats smaller lives, insects etc. 
Humans kill and eat everything including plants which is also a form of life, no one lives off of rocks now do they?  
Gazelles and rabbits might be among the most ‘innocents’ but still they have to be very careful too not to become a meal themselves. 

Life kills life in order to stay alive and promote life. 

Here is our greatest PARADOX.

That grass, them carrots and cabbages were going to nourish the earth left alone but no. 
Who knows how it was before farming and cattle raising now here is a way to promote life to kill it. 
If it wasn't for our eating them animals 
most of them would not have been born to begin with. 

Because after all we are PETA: 

People Eating Tasty Animals. 

So was it “wrong” to mate that cow and this bull now or to send the rooster with a bunch of hens? 
Or to deprive that pig of its 30 minutes orgasm? :) 

Eventually all these questions will answer themselves as mankind won’t be on earth any more and earth will go on gladly rid of its virus with no one asking silly questions.

Will it have been wrong or right in a billion years when there is no one left to write the story and there isn't any stories any more

maybe except for that gazelle and rabbit who still gotta run like hell now that no one is killing Cecil any more, 

or Leo as I prefer to call him. :)

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