Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Street Signs or Priorities Totally Screwed

Where are we going?

Melbourne lobby group pushes for ‘gender-equal’ traffic light icons

In 2017 I would refrain to say I am a feminist.

Semantics again but the word has lost all meanings today.

I try very hard to stick to the old French Revolution motto even though this one too is getting so outdated today.

Liberté, égalité, fraternité and here we go again Triggered like Guy Fawkes' powder kegs.

FRATERNIWHAT? What is this patriarchal bullshit blah blah blah and so on just making sure we are not getting anywhere at all, contention for the sake of contention like the little belligerent pugilistic frustrated activist loser that you are.

I am not quite sure where I stand and who I stand with even though I do not have to stand with anyone at all. Like everything else in life I am more sure of the negatives, like who I DO NOT want to stand with.

One could start with the Desiderata I suppose.

Avoid loud and aggressive persons,
they are vexations to the spirit.

Of course I do not believe in violence physical or emotional or of the passive-aggressive type.

An another thing I do not believe in is women in infantry.
To me that is pushing it too far.
Hell I don't even believe in men in infantry or any form of war so.

I have reservations about the police force too but I have to draw the line somewhere.

Of course I am writing this from a male point of view so I am biased but so is a woman towards woman so we're equal that way too.

My ideal world does not seem to include much work so we wouldn't have much to disagree on my planet. As I often said my ideal world looks very much like a scene from Time Machine 1960.

Even though his future vision has a little too much of Harrison Bergeron or Idiocracy to it not mentioning the fact that the casting director seemed to be a little Aryan to say the least.

So no Morlocks
(I can live with the Eloi's fashion 'sense' or lack thereof)
a little more intellectual matter moving a little bit like Alanis Morissette's Utopia
and a good mix of bohemian beauty of all colours with some not so beautiful but oh so interesting people and I hope we will have solved the problem of ageing by then.

Intellectual pursuits though seems to be much more part of the problem than part of the solution.
A little bit of daydreaming mixed with eat and drink and be merry seems better to me.

With all this I haven't said much about feminism and equality now have I?

I am taking the Morgan Freeman approach by denying its existence.
There is no black there is no white
there is no male there is no females
just us humans with our own aspirations.

Some differences do exist at many levels, biological as shown in the Olympics
and the ability of our livers to process alcohol apparently
and down to many other organic and hormonal levels.
For instance us blokes live shorter lives thanks to testosterone
and we do have to shave but we don't have to bleed monthly etc

Saying we are equal in rights now just brings another semantic problem where we all turn into Pauline Hanson.

Please explain equal.

Please explain rights.

As a matter of facts there are many societies where we are not equal and many societies are somewhat matriarchal in some ways. Think of the power of the Jewish mama, the Italian, the Greeks and the Japanese husband who brings his paycheck to the wife even though all these societies also have appalling male habits.

The world certainly needs some major improvements a million times a gazillion times more important than changing a bloody street sign FFS.

Think of all the baby girls in China think of all the oppression in many cultures and religions.

Bad enough that most girls family names are Damnatio memoriae if you study genealogy long enough.

So to all these SJW's straining the gnat and swallowing the camel I say get a life FFS and get your head out of your own ass.

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