Monday, February 20, 2017

~A nanosecond prolefeed!

~A nanosecond prolefeed!

What was I going to write now?

Reality? Who knows what the fuck reality is?

Communication? Staring at someone blankly trying to pretend to be interested but only preparing your own story in your head. 

Yeah yeah yeah nice cat now let me tell you about my FLUFFY…

Or one of my fav: Oh you got cancer oh that’s nothing wait until you go through a divorce now, my hell is so much bigger than yours …

You only have 3 points (I forgot what they were already) let me bring you MY FIVE points now…blah blah blah 
(even though there was really many more but numbers of points don’t count anymore like the Brilliant Brian Cox said I could quote you numbers until I am blue in the face

Literally “I could sit here and read out figures until I am blue in the face
… the absolute consensus says…I know you may try to argue with that but you can’t
and that was addressing a senator who after all is a paid puppet of think tanks aka large rich corporate Lobbyists.

 “The heart knoweth his own bitterness; and a stranger doth not intermeddle with his joy.” King James Version (KJV).

Deep down I think we are all selfish and hypocritical and have double standards and the louder the protest the greater the guilt I’d say.

Freudian defence mechanisms, cognitive biases, a gazillion forms of fallacies: take your pick, none of us has the truth or ever will.

To one informed and knowledgeable ‘deity’ out there we would be pigs or ants at best, apes some would say. 
To anyone with real knowledge at all.

The bestest of the bestest are just not good enough, they argue among themselves like screaming pigs or apes. 

Add to this arrogance, ignorance, pride, conceit, and prejudice: human qualities apparently. Pretentiousness, stubbornness and other apian like virtues also. Simians at heart!

Politics Religion Philosophy and other exercises in futility are all the same… some pothead trying to tell you he is much better than you and he alone has the secret.

Considering much and many revelations of old were done in high states of sometimes savage inebriation or after having fallen down from as horse for example or a fever or other form of brain damages that we all buy as “illuminated”.

Bottom line is we are still ignorant apes killing each other at the slightest.

Some pretend they are holier than thou by abstaining from the only privilege in life really like eating etc depriving us of the four F’s:

The hypothalamus plays a major role in the regulation of basic drives related to survival, including the so-called "four F's":fighting, fleeing, feeding, and mating."

And mating forbid one would enjoy sex and wine now or even sleeping in.

So much seems to be driven by Power that sometimes I think Nietzsche was on to something. 

So so much will to just fucking CONTROL, 

tell you what is good what is bad 

what is acceptable and what is not.  

Here comes that jerry-rig of pretention and dumb will again… 

pretending that I am smarter than you, 
superior to you 
bigger better and brighter than you 
and here you have COLONIALISM in one fucking word and the excuse for the all the proselytising missionaries of the world.  

Let me teach you O ignorant barbarian how we drink tea properly here even if I have to bribe you with opium to prove to you my moral superiority. 

The whole history of both Americas and Australia is encapsulated in this.  

Africa the Caribbean and what not.  

Let me enslave you poor buggers who don’t have a pot to piss in so I can have my tea and coffee and sugar and chocolate dirt cheap.

I mean King Leopold is still on a fucking coin IIRC. 
How gross is that? 
Let me cut your arms off to show you who is the fucking civilised one here.

History is written by the victor and Hiroshima and Dresden become legendary examples where Dachau is still frowned upon as if one atrocity is better than another.

Ask anyone today how many people were killed during the holocaust and I bet most would say 6 million.

Forgotten numbers erased from history:
Broader definitions of so-called "parallel Holocausts" include the two-to-three million Soviet POWs who died as a result of mistreatment due to Nazi racial policies, two million non-Jewish ethnic Poles who died due to the conditions of Nazi occupation, 270,000 mentally and physically disabled killed in Germany's eugenics program, 90,000–220,000 Romani, 80,000–200,000 Freemasons, 20,000–25,000 Slovenes, 5,000–15,000 homosexuals, 2,500–5,000 Jehovah's Witnesses and 7,000 Spanish Republicans, bringing the death toll to around 11 million. The broadest definition would include six million Soviet civilians who died as a result of war-related famine and disease, raising the death toll to 17 million.[331] A research project conducted by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum estimated that 15 to 20 million people died or were imprisoned.[11] Rudolph Rummel estimates the total democide death toll of Nazi Germany to be 21 million.

two-to-three million Soviet POWs
2 million non-Jewish Poles
270,000 mentally and physically disabled killed
90,000–220,000 Romani
80,000–200,000 Freemasons,
20,000–25,000 Slovenes
5,000–15,000 homosexuals
2,500–5,000 Jehovah's Witnesses
7,000 Spanish Republicans

bringing the death toll to around 11 million

A research project conducted by the 
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum estimated that 15 to 20 million people died

Rudolph Rummel estimates the total democide death toll of Nazi Germany to be 21 million.

21 million minus 6 million that is 15 million forgotten ones 

2.5 times 6 exactly

15 million Orwellian unpersons!

Erased from history

Damnatio memoriae!!!
Just like the old Egyptian Pharaohs just CHIPPED away from existence, hieroglyphs no more.

Winston Smith’s exact job in the Minitrue!

Of all the genocides of history how many do we know? How many do we talk about?

Real source:

Kevin Alfred Strom a proud Neo Nazi who is in jail for pedophilia. I think the context of the quote was in an essay praising Hitler and the Nazi party for their attempted genocide against European Jews.

Now I am usually very strong on examining the source first and at all cost but then I try to take the aphorism at face value:

To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize

And it might be more complicated than I think even though the direction pointing  of this line seems obvious.

Still I do hate that “history” has forgotten them poor gypsies fags and retards not mentioning the Soviets and the Poles here.

Mind you, history and media will never ever be what really happens or happened anyhoot.

     No worries all dem words will quickly be forgotten in this
prolefeed: The steady stream of mindless entertainment to distract and occupy the masses.

Prolefeed sounds more Huxleyan than Orwellian to me though

but yeah the 

“what’s a word for really big now more gigantic than gigantic” 

amount of idle info we get now will lull us to the next subject faster than light itself.

Like the Bee Gees said It's only WORDS

At the rate of the American madness now Mexicans might become unpersons soon too! :P 

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