Friday, February 16, 2018

More empty sounds

After all it is my "name",
 my "handle" :

What is a binary number in Greek now? 

Because to be fair I should be called empty binary numbers since this is what a blog is.

so here it goes again.

Maybe I am a psychopath but why in the world would I bother reading about another school shooting?

Jordan Peterson who says he hasn't watched news in donkeys years is fascinated by all this dark madness and so am I to a point.  

Trying to analyse the shadow and all and our dark repressed side.

It just gets tedious after a while, 17 in less than two months and to which ones do you pay more attention now?

As I was just saying I have always tended to swim against the tide so no Game of Thrones for me or Housewives series.  

I was a bit disappointed when a big intellect chatting with J.P. said she was a fan.

No needs for news to know that 
the US of A are slightly fucked up 
and different from other "civilised" nations.  

Money talks and bullshit walks 

and the solution is not in a foreseeable future.

What I can't wait for now is a TV that totally skips the ads even if I have to record the thing and watch it later so I don't ever have to see that Gina's face again (even in fast forward) especially when I am having dinner.  Yucks.

Googlebox and reactions youtube viral videos? 

What is the world coming to? 

What is next? 

Back to real gladiators?

This habit of pitting nasty vicious people against so-called nice people to get grinding of the teeth and foaming of the mouth of the hoi polloi reminds me a lot of the wrestling world.

Them producers must travel a lot to scout the scum of the earth.

And then again people get all up in arms for a short time when 17 kids die in a western country and at the same time don't give a flying fuck about a thousand baby's arms  flying up in the air from drones especially if they are brown. (the kids not the drones)

We're all FUBAR and hypocrites 

bottom line methinks at times.

Speaking of hypocrites LOL 

Jordan Peterson is always foaming at the mouth at Justin Trudeau over this and that, the main reason being I think that Peterson at heart is an Albertan, a rich Albertan at that and with the failure of the NDP having no chance of ever winning an election is therefore just another Conservative like Harper and his "let's bring on the Armageddon" mates. Even intelligent people are chained by their environment.

He was harping over Trudeau deciding to make the cabinet 50/50 ration of males and females when the electorate has only elected 25% of females 

stating mindbogglingly 

that a cabinet was chosen on competence??? 



 In what world? 

On what planet?

Nepotism is and has always ruled 

and oligarchy and plutocracy and what not.  

Just look at your beloved Russia for instance 

or just south to the US

 or any other race with an apparently higher IQ average.

And when he becomes rich and famous 
and he needs a personal assistant 

did he have a competence test? 


Guess who he hired ? 

Well his own daughter of course 

because that his the way things work in a hierarchy 
when you're not a lobster.

End of rant and small blog for now :P 

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