Monday, February 12, 2018

Socratic approach to Jordan Peterson

trying to clear my mind on a subject I know nothing about
therefore the Socratic part.

Been pondering on the new icon Jordan Peterson lately and how he sounds too good to be true.

At first I must say as I am known to I was quite fascinated with him, nearly obsessed, but without going total splitting on him I always step back to have a wider look.

I have many suspicions about him that I can't put my finger on and I am certainly not equipped for a match of wit or so called debate with a high intellectual even though well read looks interesting and fascinating the fact remains that many if not most well read people are still asshole or FOS as I often say, Full Of Shit.

Obviously he does have some strong biases on the way he read the Russsians, 
Solzhenitsyn / Soljenitsyne /Soljenitsin
nd Fyodor Dostoyevsky / Fiodor Dosto├»evski 
 (I wish the world could agree on ONE spelling of Russian names)
The very fact that he named his daughter Mikhaila after Gorbachev is quite revealing actually.

Plus we are talking authors that went through the wringer, through a lot of suffering and one of them even had a syndrome named after him but the name was later changed if I got all this right. When I first googled Dosto it gave me the Dosto syndrome which sent me here:

So basically taking all of Fyodor's preaching at face value has the same psychological value as taking all of the writing of Paul the Apostle at face value considering he too fell off his horse and more than likely was manic before he became delusional with temporal lobe damage as well.

Trying to keep my thoughts together here there are a lot of alarm bells that rings when it comes to JP.  

For one thing as much as he hates the expression white privilege, it is so fucking obvious that he would not have the same standing if he was an Asian woman let's say or even an Indian teacher.

And his high praise of IQ is at best laughable as so many high IQ's are utter fucking morons and psychopathic assholes without even mentioning the Unabomber.  

Trudeau the father could have probably wiped the floor with him and I am sure the two would not agree.

JP's association with Jonathan Haidt bugs me to as I have made my position clear about Haidt a few times. 

Also his risible idea that one organises a cabinet or a government with competent people FFS 
wake up and smell the coffee 
and look around you.  

A competent Knesset would be such an oxymoron, 

the American "cabinet" is a fucking joke of oligarchy 
yet JP praises Trump as an "intelligent" man.  

Sure Justin might not be perfect but Harper was a fucking disaster 
so in the choice between two evils 
I would choose the lesser. 

Of course rich self sufficient people always want the right conservative to win in their lobster hierarchy.

Harper transformed Canada known as a peacekeeper nation into America's bitch and sent hundred of young Canadians to die needlessly with shoddy equipment because of course the rich hierarchy would not waste money of saving POOR motherfucker's life.  

And Trudeau brought the old age pension BACK to 65 IIRC
which means nothing for self sufficient rich fucks but means the world to the thousands of poor motherfuckers struggling out there every day just to survive Those people who cannot afford houses, luxuries, and flying first class with all expenses paid.

So self righteous self made men always seem to fall for that shit. 

Even the great Hitchens fell for it and well discussing with Harris is like giving you two options between the right and the right.

Speaking of also his unapologetic "Christianism" is bizarre at best for an intellectual and a "scientist" even though many shy away from calling Psychology a science. 

All his Jungian reading has made him mad to paraphrase Festus here.

Suddenly, Festus shouted, "Paul, you are insane. Too much study has made you crazy!" Acts 26:24

Plus there is more to adhering to religion than intellect there is a tremendous social emotional pressure to fit in especially if you wanna go up in that so-called hierarchy needless to remind you that there never was an atheist American President top of that hierarchy bullshit pile.

So here it is in a few words just trying to collect my thoughts together on the subject by writing some notes down.

While I am here on the subject it surprises me that the great intellect psychologist has not diagnoned himself as bipolar recognising the depression while tending to forget the obvious manias.

Don't get me wrong I like the man for the moment considering viral memes go stale at the speed of light in this crazy age.  

He seems to walk the walk as much as he talks the talk but still this statistical cold truth bugs me as if it has always been like this and it should always be. 

Let's have war and famines and poverty and backstabbing fight to the top with all the corruption and free for all involved.  As cold and unethical as let's say making people drunk for some study.

Most top of hierarchy people as far as I am concerned are psychopathic criminals where the ends justifies the means 

even though JP tries to point out clearly that it should be done right 

his young crazy followers don't give much of a fuck and continue sending death threats to all who oppose him or them 

and if that is NOT FUCKING CHAOS well nothing is.

I understand he feels that things are somewhat surreal since the infamous interview but I think he might have done more good back in the teaching and clinical hours day which he can't afford anymore since he is too busy making insane amounts of money rehashing the same old bullshit over and over all over the world.

He is paid more in an hour than the poor fuckers Harper sent to die were paid in a year.

Unfair of me you would say? 

O well my opinions never carried much weight obviously but thanks to freedom of speech he cherishes so much I am entitled to them.

"You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain."

P.S. Why focus only on western Judeo Christian Mythology now it seems so parochial so provincial Why not the older other mythical stories. 

Greek mythology has thousands of lessons, 

so would Shakespeare really.  

Oriental mythology is widely unexplored and probably funner. 

These old genocidal incestuous 700 B.C. old stories are certainly not the best example now?  

As IF they were ever real FFS? 
Adam and Eve? 
Cain and Abel? 
Lot and his lot etc.

It seems to me such a waste of time to study so many lies.

End of Rant for the mo just glad I deciphered some of that in my mind with ones and zeros now written and posted.


  1. "Jordan Peterson is the stupid man’s smart person"
    Discuss ;)

  2. From what I have read and heard, I would agree with the following 'what he’s telling you is that certain people—most of them women and minorities—are trying to destroy not only our freedom to spite nonbinary university students for kicks, but all of Western civilization and the idea of objective truth itself. He’s telling you that when someone tells you racism is still a problem and that something should be done about it, they are, at best, a dupe and, at worst, part of a Marxist conspiracy to destroy your way of life'
    if that quote does accurately describe any of his work, or is the underlying msg of his discourse, then he is simply just another member of the hegemony, disseminating hegemonic ideas and views in an attempt to regain or counter ground lost or perceived ground lost by the privileged.

    1. the fact that some of his enemies seem to be more neurotic and moronic than him does not mean he is right still He is a puzzling man so far, the flavour of the month, he makes it hard to find kinks in his armour but they are there for sure
      he seems to be a loving father and a loving husband and yet he presents this stern severe face to the world...
      He seems to suffer from some sort of narrow mindedness either due to the Dunbar's number or to having lived a very sheltered I said I can't put my finger on it just yet but no one is just that perfect There is a fundamental error in his law of the jungle approach that seems to be somewhat merciless