Thursday, May 3, 2018

New Jerusalem, Eldorado, and Other Myths

My brain seems to have kicked in the
"Rise to the Occasion" mode already LOL|

Imagine a Mecca with who knows
how many billions of souls

roaming the eternity gaily 

trying all to cram in

or fly to Pluto

on the most Holy Day now?

And a floating CUBE at that

defying all the laws of physics?

(I know I know

God is not bothered by physics šŸ˜ˆ )

Or maybe the New Jerusalem

is just a Borg Ship after all?

You WILL be ASS imilated!

New Jerusalem if we are to believe the fairy tales would be about the size of Pluto
(smaller than our Moon) 

Using of course the Magic Number of 12

multiplied by a thousand

and funnily enough the measure standards of the time:

a fucking stadia of all things

an ancient Greek unit of length, based on the length of a typical sports stadium of the time. 

Seriousfuckingly now

People HAVE to start thinking FFS

Allegory Shmallegory

Symbolic Shambolic 

and of course the holy rollers
who take all this LITERALLY

12,000 stadia,
the equivalent of 1,400 miles
or 2,200 kilometers,

Really? REALLY?

shaking my head in disbelief now

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