Thursday, May 3, 2018

We ARE all Deuterostomes!

We are all Deuterostomes!

We all are born assholes. (Arseholes for Brits and Australians)

We're born an asshole
we live mostly as assholes
and we die well as shite really.

Dust, Ashes, Fertiliser, so Shite really,
 or Whatchamacallit.

Death is literally our last dump.

All this "enlightenment" came to me while reading of  course! 😈

While reading about our many double standards and so much more

Well if you read me before it is nothing new really.

I do not hold much faith in human nature or humanity as you all know.

Some people say we are good by nature
to which I strongly disagree but even then 

We are good by nature UNTIL
and that is the big big word UNTIL.

People might be really nice to you in many countries but IF they were learn that you are an atheist for instance well it could be quite dangerous if not deadly they would turn into foaming at the mouth animals and maybe quarter you, or dismember you, or behead you, or just spread the rumours and the hate and the shunning.

Not only atheist,
any chip on their shoulders one might have.

The example that comes to mind now
is Thelma & Louise among many others.

Everyone of us like Peterson says
in his Jungian lingo
has a Shadow,
an animal inside of him
what is it again in Freudian terms an Id?

I do,  and you do too.

To deny it is one of the most dangerous form actually as history has taught us many times in many revolutions and political movements
or just mass hysteria a la Zola's Germinal for instance.

So if we walk the line people might appear to be nice
and if you follow the tide you may be fine for a while.

Enough dribbling shit for the mo

even though it keeps my mind from exploding 
and my fuses and breakers from popping these days 
in these rough times in so many ways  😛

So think on that all you Deuterostomes out there. 😜

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