Sunday, May 1, 2011


DESECRATED and SACRED are two very suggestive but extremely powerful words.
Capable of provoking total hysteria, mass hatred and psychopathic bloodshed, some WMD nuclear foaming at the mouth OUTRAGE.
Yet what is sacred to one may be nothing to another and could really be actually absolutely nothing
but that does not matter much anymore as your head is falling in a basket
if "they" were kind enough to supply a basket for it to fall in.
As a rule a place is sacred only when SOMEONE SAYS it is sacred.  There is no universal sacred place really just many riotous contention on different sacred places for different people and shit hits the fan big mega time when 2 different people share the SAME sacred place for DIFFERENT reason.

Let's consider a few considered sacred place first before moving on to sacred things and the best of all sacred values.
Archaelogical sites
Altars, personal or public

Land that we think we own, landscapes, what WE see or what WE hear or more correctly to the singular:

 What I, the sacred I, see and what I, the sacred I, hear.

Sacred does seem to mean anything at all to many who only see the $ in $acred.

Plus apparently sacred also has a short memory I mean you can overturn and build over an old cemetery much easier than on a new one. 

Time is often of the essence of sacredness here.

Many people who consider things sacred always mortally neglect to 




Al Hayat,

La Vie,

La Vida,

La Vita

Cha Cha Cha

O well not to me to write "THE" book on Sacredness.

The only sacredness I am good at is the French one where

SACRER also means


but not on the sacred bible 

or Sacred Fairy Tale of your choice.

Holy Cinderella! Get thee behind me Wicked Witch from the West.

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