Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Unbearable Darkness of Associating

The Unbearable Darkness of Associating
Ad hominem et ad vitam aeternam

I was going to say guilt / sinfulness here
but it was missing the association of the associating.
The problem I seem to face as I try to seek the light of it all is that
the deeper I go the more I am associated with darkness
whether I wanted it or not.
It is almost as if the forces of darkness themselves had set some fail safe traps on the way.
You scream something is not true, it is a lie
(and you know it is, and all says that it is)
but all the forces who have swallowed the lie either foamed at the mouth at you
and want to kill you literally or passive-aggressively
OR they associate you with a clown or a freak and then laugh you out of the danger zone.
As if all the rules of the universe would say that Order cannot rule over Chaos for the simple reason that
Chaos has even created a bunch of chaotic fools mimicking order so you get totally smothered in the pile of noise and bullshit floating around.
No Fair Play, No Mercy and No Pity and certainly no love for Order.
Hate and Destruction seem to be the order of the day for Chaos
aided by Pride, Ignorance, Greed and Fear.
Lies and Fallacies and Deception are the rules of the day multiplied exponentially.
So what is a man to do? 
Fighting Chaos is very Sisyphean by Nature.
Fighting lies?
One might as well try to empty the ocean with a bucket but one should have kept his head up while doing this to see the tsunami approach.
Stay on top of the mountain and far away from the cattle of zombies?
Yeah but, No but, One has to eat and drink once in  a while.
It also seems to me that the whole world has changed in a way and maybe even before 911.
911 was just the beginning of the fog of war really and yes history is full to the brim with the fog of war and 
the lies of war and
the hatred of war and
the cost of war and
the blood of war and
the endless men women and children, (yours, mine, ours, theirs) lost in vain.

Children as rulers.

Ecc 10:16  Woe to thee, O land, when thy king is a child,

My dad is stronger than your dad.
You killed 3,000 of ours? 
Well here we will kill 300,000 of yours howzat now?
The only other stupid answer to that is: 
You killed 300,000 of ours?
Well we will kill 30,000,000 of yours?
Should I do the quick maths of this now or do you get it?

For all the right wings dummies out there who can't count or think for shits

here it is

300 BILLIONS ... oops we ran out of dummies and teeth and eyes too.

If you run out of wheat in the world by just doubling one kernel on a chess board
you should try to increase it one hundredfold now and see where you end or don't end rather.

I said right wing dummies because of course as soon as I mention
Peace, Love, Truth, Equality, Fairness,
Justice , REAL JUSTICE that is,
PEACE did I say PEACE?
As soon as I mentioned we are lied to and are the puppets and mercenaries of darker forces we absolutely know nothing about, as soon as I say that:

I am indubitably discarded as a left wing  nutbag.

Right wing makes their own morality as they go apparently and even change it along the way a la Minitrue/Newspeak/Orwellian Style.

IF and only IF
it is WRONG for "THEM"
it  ALSO IS indubitably WRONG for us TOO

Well as soon as I say all that or half or it :)

After all since it is all about nothing else than money
(the rest is sugar coated lie and bullshit)
And money rules the world, and 
WHY shouldn't money OWN the truth as well as it sees it at the time?

There is something really strange about human nature once it is confronted with its wrongness , its lies, its sinfulness, its own fallacies and self-deception
well as a rule it doesn't repent in ashes and begs for forgiveness and confess it was mistaken
(like most criminals, psychopaths, sociopaths, bogans and so many more out there)

NO, it starts foaming at the mouth as I said earlier literally or passive-aggressively and becomes even more devious and crafty and cunning to justify any dirty deeds done cheap or not cheap.  

Therefore you get many pacifists ripped apart.

So where are our FREE-THINKERS today?

A think tank has become a synonym of dollars and lobbying corruption.
Most of today's info is through biased and bought media, 
whoredom at its best.
The needle is getting smaller and smaller and
the pile of shit is getting bigger and bigger and
the stench of it is rising to high heaven.

Milton Bradley/ Hasbro had a funny board game back then called the Game of Life
The Game of Life, also known simply as LIFE, is a board game originally created in 1860 by Milton Bradley, as The Checkered Game of Life (and later produced by the Milton Bradley Company). The game simulates a person's travels through his or her life, from college to retirement, with jobs, marriage, and possible children along the way.
If you retire at Millionaire Estates, your LIFE tiles are not safe! If the draw pile has run out, players may take tiles from you when they land on LIFE spaces.
If you retire at Countryside Acres, collect 1 LIFE Tile. Your LIFE tiles are safe! If the draw pile has run out, players cannot take tiles from you when they land on LIFE spaces.

Well at the end in French IIRC one option was to retire as a philosopher in a country cottage somewhere and it was almost undoubtedly always my choice because after all
if you won the rat race 
you still were a RAT.

As I said Guilty by Association is another Chaos Trap Fallacies from Hell! :)

Guilt by association as an ad hominem fallacy

Guilt by association can sometimes also be a type of ad hominem fallacy, if the argument attacks a person because of the similarity between the views of someone making an argument and other proponents of the argument.
This form of the argument is as follows:
A makes a claim of P's status.
B also makes a claim of P's status.
Therefore, P is guilty by association.
Example: Alice believes in a theory. Bob and Carol believe in the same theory. Therefore, Alice is just like Bob and Carol.

Yours Truly, Poster Nutbag

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