Sunday, March 30, 2014

Moral-Political Psychology???

Jonathan Haidt's Moral-Political Psychology that is.

To begin with the expression itself is the ultimate example of an oxymoron
Things that definitely DO NOT belong together.

Moral-Political Psychology???
What kind of mumbo-jumbo is this?

I have had this one on my mind for quite some time now but apparently it hadn’t made it down on ‘paper’ so here it goes in compliance with my usual opinions and ranting.  I am quite sure I have said something similar somewhere
but here is a little more light on the subject:
Morality, one of my favs of all time! J

Five Moral Value Systems  (gospel according to Jonathan)

1) Care for Others/Do no harm;
2) Fairness/Justice/Equality;
3) In-Group Loyalty;
4) Respect for Authority;
5) Purity.

Jonathan Haidt might be a very educated man and I would certainly lose an open debate with him 
but here on MY blog I am KING SHIT 
and my bovine scatological nose is wide open 
when I read this crap. 

As big as he thinks he is (and don’t we all?), 
he is spinning some incredible rubbish into modern society
trying to twist his political views into epistemological science.

Sending some “Morality” tests all over the planet 
pretending to know what he is talking about, 
creating moral value systems straight out of his ass:
educated as some would say way beyond his intellectual capacity.

To surreptitiously include In-Group Loyalty and Respect for Authority into “Morality” is just, well, so full of shit for lack of a better or more erudite word.

It is extremely right-wing minded to begin with,
a bit like the tour de force (feat of strength) it took for Hitchens 
to go from extreme left to extreme right in such a short time.
Right wing can be so self-serving at times.

In-Group Loyalty and respect for authority means fuck all because it falsely implies the group or authority IS moral or righteous and to be totally against them would be immoral.  

What a load of crap! 

In fact many would defend that the bigger the group the lower the morality is.

So to include these two made-up ‘systems’ as 40% of your moral status is just DEVIOUS and some would say WICKED.

1) Care for Others/Do no harm; CHECK
2) Fairness/Justice/Equality;      CHECK
5) Purity.                                    CHECK


3) In-Group Loyalty; 4) Respect for Authority; ???   


What kind of distorted values are we trying to create here?
Dissent is immoral?
Sounds like neo-conservative so-called ‘morality’ to me.
It actually defeats any idea in fact of Purity inserted last here.

If you are not the CHOSEN ones you are UNCLEAN and must therefore comply

Well fuck you very much Jon!

Could go on and on but I made my point.

This is just too Orwellian for me to try to distort the masses like that with newspeak
and what is next Thoughtcrimes for being disloyal and not swallowing this ‘authority’?

As far as Authority is concerned


And as a good myth buster, I reject your morality and substitute my own! J

P.S. Should I point out that the image provided with the article itself (written by ANOTHER Ph.D.) was also not so subliminal suggesting of course that all Democrats are ASSES.

P.P.S. My highlighting would seem to suggest also that there are more than one shade of grey in morality AND in Mr. Haidt's ASSumptions here! J


  1. Meet the new boss, just the same as the old boss.......we will get fooled again :)

  2. What is the purpose of 3 & 4?

    1. Orwellian I suppose! To tell you the authority is always right and don't you dare to swim against the tide whether the tide is wrong or right... almost cultic in a way . Waco had a lot of in group loyalty ,,,were they moral now? I doubt it