Tuesday, November 28, 2017

News are shite Comments are shiter!

Comment: I would love too but I'm struggling myself

Comment: I bet she’s not doing the packing in her high heels and tight dress. Shame on you Foodbank WA for sexualising something as honest as donating to charity 😡

Me: I would love to too :P Give me two.

Me: It's not like she is a bimbo in a bikini with silicon tits now FFS.  Get a grip. Have another drink.

Anyway I finally got rid of this horrible horrible MSN default page now on Microsoft Edge.
My Chrome is acting up lately on FB and I have to use Edge sometimes and I don't mind but that default page was about to throw me over the edge.

What the Media calls news is just more and more sickening.

Tragedy for so and so Star (or minor constellations as Sue calls 'em)

His 95 year old mother died boo hoo hoo. Well for one thing she was 95 fucking years old that is not a tragedy it is a good long life and newsbreak here we all die. 

Number 2: I am sad to tell you that non stars ALSO have tragedies and mothers and loved one dying and it doesn't make the fucking news.

I made the mistake of looking a Tv Channel news page just to look closely at a kick ass burger picture and I found myself reading as if it was my facebook page and got more and more depressed til I realised I was on the news channel page still.

What are they doing? Peddling their shite to the lowest common denominator here? They better get a bigger shovel and dig deeper.  What they call "NEWS" is so not news like MSN lately running out of shit to say and filling dead air with shite about Brittany what's her name fucking YEARS ago and quelle surprise "we" STILL don't know what happened?

 I mean REALLY?
And this horror is why you  became a so-called "journalist" for?

Get a REAL JOB FFS or even better just become a homeless hobo.

Clickbait should be the real thing. Once the sucker bites you yank him out of the water and watch it writhe to death slowly.  Natural Selection, the Circle of Life...

I'd prolly be dead as well lol but fair is fair

Hard to find somewhere uplifting to go in this WORLD WILD WEB.


 Fun for the spider not so funny for the fly though.

And with the Ajit Ijut trying to funnel the death trap even tighter not funny at all.

Oh yeah speaking of sexualising and news wave and fads.  Now I do agree that Fat Rich Scums who clearly abuse their powers should face the truth.  Weinstein is beyond any doubt despicable and repulsive.  But in this new trend of coming out though I am afraid some poor innocent smuck will have his life ruined forever by some malevolent woman who was who know maybe jilted or rejected years ago OR even simpler is in dire need of attention no matter the cost.  Truth is truth and Lie is Lie. Period. Very hard to differentiate at times.

And the motives of the heart well they are devious above all things at times.

I wonder if we will have a true lie detector one day to the point where it will become ingrained deep inside us to always tell the truth, especially to ourselves.

I mean Animals practice deception too so on this point we are but an animal too and lies have been around as long as stories have been told.

All these loose thoughts going nowhere as usual preserved for the mo in the amber of cyberspace.

I could write to you about my games but I have hardly played at all in weeks trying to survive this ordeal of pain here ... had a bad spell yesterday ... went through the ceiling in  pain at a cold turkey 'debriding" of my donor spot on my neck

so bad actually we had to stop and we are trying again tomorrow where I will come prepared actually with enough Oxycodone to feel "Comfortably Numb" during the 'procedure' if possible as per arranged with all parties concerned.


Who doesn't?

(you tattoeed persons out there are sick fucks LOL)

Ciao for Now

there is no pain you are receding...

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