Thursday, November 30, 2017

Danger Danger Will Robinson

Is the world trying to be repulsive or am I getting old? LOL

I am getting to be such a curmudgeon in my old age I must say if not at the level of Ovi still quite a grumpy old man.

So-Called "News" site irritate me to no end.  

The bigger the site 
(the bigger the money some would say) 
the bigger the irritation.  

MSN seems to be better at it than Google though. 
Better at being WORST I mean :) 

More shallow more LCD than others. 
(Lowest Common Denominator) 

In fact they compete with the lowest yellow journalism site and programs for the LIMBO ROCK of News.


Modern trends of TV are nothing but older trends with a twist.  

This so-called extraordinary people show is nothing short of a Barnum and Baileys Freaks and Monsters show with a thin veneer of care and political correctness.

Step right up 25 cents to see the freaks of the world 

Come In Come All.

The one ad I find the most repulsive of them all is this 

New Housewives of Melbourne.

How far do you have to travel and how long do you have to search for such a horrible ensemble of shallow pasty phoney and downright ugly bunch?

(I can feel Holden Caulfield rolling in his grave LOL) 

Money does not buy class and beauty.

A Swine with ear rings and expensive jewelry is still a swine.

Add to this some petty fights over shallow nothingness, 
some drunken appalling behaviour you would not tolerate on your street 
and Voila the latest recipe for success apparently. 

Well if this is success I certainly wanna be an utter failure.

Ugliness personified and all the make up in the world cannot hide that.

The worst of it I suppose is all that phoniness all those lies and devious deceptions presented as truth  and spontaneous reality when all of it is edited rigged and scripted.

Sue was very disappointed to find out Mystery Diners was a fake. LOL

The bad acting was so obvious and the fake outrage (besides the dumb as fuck management) and more importantly the arrogance and holier than thou attitude of the culprits caught red-handed.

Some Nerds are horrified at all the wrong things going on in historical movies.

I am horrified at how much suspense of disbelief I have to put in over some afghan dog looking man trying to pretend to be intelligent OR being an expert in every fucking field possible BESIDES also being as good looking as fuck and all for the women at least that in high heels sometimes.

Sue always points that English people are allowed to be ugly on TV LOL

Americans set low standards for all the Western World and every national media worships everything and anything that comes out of USA.

Why would my local news be concerned with the death of some US minor celebrity's grandma FFS?

I find it very hard in this over abundance of information to find something worth following.  

I think they forgot to provide us with the SOMA when they decided to go with the Brave New World formula instead of the Orwellian system.

Divide and Conquer the old Roman Stategy seems to work as well today as way back then.  When you have millions of factions discussing petty nothing and nonsense then you can go on and do whatever you want no one is gonna disturb you. 

Many money makers being arms makers as well 
( quelle coincidence) 
are happy to support any petty nonsense to keep the peasants occupied.  

There is big and I mean BIG money in arm making and in Media.  

Funnily enough the media would not report every arm deal that goes in the world now that would be counterproductive.

Anyway every generation like Mike says blames the one before 

and our old generation of  Lost in Space and early Star trek was not better fed by the boob tube for sure but the circus is getting more and more unpalatable to me in general.

Of course there are a few rare exceptions I would say.

True Detective Season 1 comes to mind and Fargo 1 and 2. Westworld also.

AND AND AND the greatest mind and absolute prophet of our 21st Century:

Charlie Booker and his BLACK MIRROR.

Long Live the King

P.S. Seeeeeee? British again NOT AMERICAN :P 

Mind you Nic Pizzolato IS an American genius

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