Wednesday, December 6, 2017

I can't keep track of each fallen robin.

I really like that line from Leonard Cohen's Chelsea Hotel

"I can't keep track of each fallen robin. "

Years ago I lost what I called my

"Christ Complex"

I cannot and I will not be the Saviour of the World.

Especially on the Internet now and on social media the circle has grown exponentially way way beyond Dunbar's number.

There are bleeding hearts and then there are bleeding hearts.

Sure you "bleed" and suffer for your family and for your bloodline up to a point. 

That would be the matter of a totally nother subject I may have cover previously regarding blood NOT being thicker than water.

i.e. a wrong is a wrong is a wrong no matter who does it

But when the 2nd cousin of a Facebook distant friend dies of cancer at 98 years old
am I gonna bawl my eyes out now? 
I think not.  

Or what is much more common these days too the grandmother of a minor constellation dying at 95 being a tragedy,

Some people do though and I don't know how they find the courage to live.

And now one as to establish the frontier of eyes bawling.

One extreme of course is your daily psychopath:
be he a CEO or a Game Developer or your average serial killer.

Those people cry for nothing.

Also a good note of this is apparently how one treats animals at a young age. 
I can imagine those Game Devs ripping the legs of a fly one by one and then its wings and then let it live.

But it seems to me that in order to survive though in this day and age of much much more information than our little brain can assimilate, one has to be a little callous now.

Then again there is that famous map I keep posting.

White people die boo hoo hoo
prayers and thoughts and flags and bullshit galore.

Hundreds of Egyptians die?
Who gives a flying fuck?

We are as a rule a bunch of hypocrites; a bunch of phonies as Salinger would point.

We includes yours truly here.

So anyway all this to say here that I still have to find a middle somewhere between complete psychopath and bubbling useless bawler.  

There is a fuckton of suffering in the world, 

fucktons and fucktons even 

and one should be aware of it to a point but one has to live and function and keep going somehow.

We're all gonna die and in 200 years from now none of this shit will matter but somehow it is difficult to find the proper answer to absurdism and nihilism in this crazy world.

One cannot raise the intelligence average level of this planet and the intelligence average level of this planet is very fucking low. 
100 might be an average IQ for a human but with many psychopath being Mensa and the amount of foaming at the mouth hatred and hysteria in this world our little 100 would be an absolute retard to be destroyed by a more advanced more "civilised" wiser and so much more intelligent civilisation.

Life is life is life and all life ends.

Be it the ant or the man, the mayfly or the lobster. 
All want to live by instinct
but no life has ever achieved immortality.

And ironically most lives on this planet are ended to provide for other life forms...

chicken, cows, pigs, fishes,

or humans in need of oil or other greedy acquirement.

Many humans literally killing their peers for the sole purpose of making a fuckton of money selling arms to the highest bidder. 

Civilised indeed we are.

As I have said many times before

the one who makes the trigger,
(the one who sells the trigger)
is as guilty as
the one who pulls it.

PTSD indeed Quelle Surprise.

Anyway Just another circumvoluted blog
that took a wrong turn at Albuquerque.

That's all Folks.

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