Thursday, April 1, 2010


Is all we need right now. STOP! STOP! THINK FOR YOURSELF FOR CHRIST”S SAKE. I have been thinking of two of my favourite songs lately that never had enough impact but are so TRUE: School from Supertramp and a Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd.

We are bricks in the wall, innocent sheep led to the Slaughterhouse, Elois fed to the Morlocks and we all walk in with joy and enthusiasm how sick and sad is that?

This system is killing us by the thousands and all we find to say is Thank you. Sick and poor brainwashed people we are. I say question EVERYTHING and stand firm for your belief. FUCK them old bullies and dictators who are used to intimidation and having their own ways. What is right is right and that is the end of it, whatever your system has thought you by removing your guts, your brains, your balls, and your backbone. What is right is right and what is wrong is wrong no matter who does it: Americans, Russians, Chinese, Koreans, French, English, Christians, Muslims, and Buddhists it doesn’t matter at all. If a gulag or a concentration camp is wrong THEREFORE Guantanamo Bay is wrong too or that other camp in Iraq where an uneducated woman took all the blame for orders that were coming from above. The US hands are all covered with blood just the same.

This blood is thicker than water story is nothing but absolute pride and sin. If my own son is guilty of sin and pride and crime he is guilty of sin and pride and crime. Sin is sin and crime is crime, no matter who commits it.

So yes question everything, demand explications and answers and don’t submit to what you don’t think is right and we may have a new beginning of a new generation even though I am afraid we’re too late and all people questioning the so called righteousness of their governments now are going to join a long list of martyrs under the created persona of Osama Ben Ladin or as Orwell would call him Goldstein. It is easy to eliminate the truth now by associating it with a created evil.

Like someone said already it is irrelevant whether Osama is captured or not as long as we keep his image alive. Nothing new under the sun and some things ever change.

P.S. If Osama is the culprit and most 9/11 culprits were from Saudi Arabia what the hell are we doing in Iraq and Afghan spending billions of dollars and wasting countless lives of usually poor people and family people?

And if so called freedom is so important why are we not in Rwanda, Zimbabwe or Sudan or just simply helping in New Orleans?

One and one answer only: American Intere$t meaning Money talks and bullshit walks baby.

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