Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What happened? And how is it gonna end?

Where did it all go wrong? I mean it’s been wrong for thousands of years but now it seems to be refinery wrong, purified wrong if I can used such an oxymoron.

On so many fronts too, like in WW1 and WW2 we seemed to have a good purpose to go to war even though technically there is no such thing again another oxymoron; probably because that IS what we are: oxy MORONS. This one here is an oxymoron in need of oxycodone to kill all the pain and stupidity he sees all around him.

But since then hell broke loose even further. Don’t know if I should go forward or backward from the fifties but let’s see.

Let’s start with a good one for fun 911. For all I know it seems like a diabolical crime to excuse every other crime committed after it. OK “They” killed 3000 of “US” now that we probably have killed 10 times more should we be satisfied with blood or there is much too much money to be made with other people’s blood to stop now.

And that is only the tip of the iceberg.

You see poor people starving with no food and no money to eat walking around brandishing fucking Kalashnikovs. Who pays for these fucking Kalashnikovs? Who makes profit of people’s ignorance and natural taste for blood? And why doesn’t anyone stop to think that the next blood could be your son or wife or loved one and that we all brothers and sisters and that we ALL lose in that battle, nobody wins except the Kalashnikovs manufacturers of course! Silly me! J

Greed is a mighty powerful evil and we have all been numbed and blinded to it. We even lie to ourselves and call it fight for freedom: the only freedom many get is death and the end of their troubles in this world and I don’t know about the other world so I can’t tell you what happens to them.

And not only greed in blood now which is bad enough, greed everywhere, literal prostitution for a fight on reality shows. Oprah and Dr. Phil making millions, billions out of people misery without really giving them any real help that cost THEM something it’s all supplied by other greedy suppliers who want to profit from it too.

And now the ultimate greed, the one that has really changed this society into a whole bunch of cowards and fools: fear to be sued for just about any stupidity on earth by any idiot. I would like to know who I have to thank for this one but that is a powerful one it has changed the heart of a whole generation and turned every backbone into a banana. The Good Samaritan has now become an old fable never to be reproduced at least in the western world.

It has affected all areas of our lives everywhere from McDonald's coffee to the doctor's office like the bumper sticker says Support a Lawyer, become a Doctor.

In America you wouldn’t have such stories with your worship of guns and the sacrosanctity of your property, your castle. But here in Australia, you even have to be worried about the greed of the bum who intrudes your house with a cricket bat and a machete, if you harm him more than he can harm you, he can sue you too, ultimate fucking irony. Is that an old fashioned mind of convicts protecting convicts I don’t know but I sure know for one thing that it is unfair but who expects convicts to play fair and be righteous anyway? If I break into your house I take my life in my own hands and I am responsible for whatever happens to me: my point of view. Not sure if it is God’s or Australia’s though but I would bet on God if I had to choose.

This is an old joke about man being interviewed for a job application

Interviewer: Name?

Applicant: blablabla

Interviewer: DOB?

Applicant: blablabla

Interviewer: Education?

Applicant: I have a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science

Interviewer: Should I take that as a “No”?

Like Orwell said all animals are created equal but SOME animals are more equal than others.

So there is no solution.

Capitalism and Greed have their hands (what am I saying their whole bodies and minds) covered in blood but every time one tries to create equality someone takes over and corrupts it as well and there we go again more blood. And even worse now someone trying to create equality will be stamped as a terrorist and renditioned and locked up in an American Gulag somewhere in the world. They really have stamped out any revolution now in preparation for a greater surprise and a greater loss of what they falsely call freedom, liberty.

A bit like John the Baptist, he wouldn't kill a fly, OK maybe a few grasshoppers but a man's gotta eat but his voice was so loud in the desert that he had his head chopped off like a vulgar criminal just for telling the truth.

As once again I said previously we ARE FUCKED.

Even countries that stood their ground and resisted this new wave have fallen in and joined in now; i.e. Canada and France among others next thing we’ll know Switzerland and Sweden are gonna follow in.

Where are this world and this entire greed going?

Like Tom Waits says what everyone wants to know is how is it gonna end?

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