Thursday, October 21, 2010


Hollywood and TV and Media “AGENDA”

If one was to say that Medias have an “agenda” these days one might think that “converting” the whole western world to atheism is high on the list.

And like all fundamentalists, they too, have their champions: Dawkins, Hitchens, Penn & Teller, only to mention a few. Also some of the most popular shows seem to have a go at god. House and Bones are great proponents of nihilism and humans as mere animals with bones and flesh and you can add to this circus the latest episode of Glee now.

All having their pet peeves and specialties, reminding me in some sort of Jehovah Witnesses, destroying the foundation of your faith usually Catholicism for many (ALSO a JW FAV) and then building on Ground Zero with their personal approach, which like all others, IS the ONLY approach that makes any sense of course.

Destroying ONE target does not make YOUR argument the only other argument available.

Easy target to destroy the Vatican and Islam and whatever else they like to toy with and then to come on with their own arrogant brilliance as if intellectualism was the solution to all.

Of course it HAS been proven many times. Insert sarcastic grin here. (or google anti-intellectualism)

You could probably also bombed the bible to pieces and laugh right in the face of God and since he doesn’t answer you of course win the so-called favourite sport of atheists: debate.

I have been dealing I suppose in my own minor intellectual way with the big questions and been wavering between all sorts of unanswered arguments about the “eternal” issues and YES we have been lied to by many religions and YES they are responsible for a lot of blood but, religious or not, mankind in general DOES have a lot of blood to answer for whether one is intellectual or not.

I still don’t have any answer but somehow I ALSO still have many big questions not spoken for or addressed at least in my heart and mind and bottom line it is all that counts really. If and if and if I was to be wrong on many issues I sure can’t tell the Great Honcho in the Sky or “somewhere” else: "Well Dawkins said so and so and he won the debate you know?"

My last rampart if I might call it so is some form of absolute uselessness and futility to our 100 years or so on this planet and some of us don’t even get 100 minutes but also a great sense of what I would call an eternal value: Justice or rather the lack of it on this planet and moreover RETRIBUTIVE JUSTICE.

Trying to fit in my little head that this pontificating pompous arrogant SOB lives a hundred years and dies peacefully in his sleep, along with the countless horrors of human beings that have passed on this planet: some now hidden among the pillars of our society. All the Stalins, and Maos, and Hitlers, and countless others passing by along with the Satanic Mills and the thousands of years of history and horrors that have come along and then compared to this cute little adorable being who was all heart but got nothing but trouble and sickness and lack of fortune and what not and died horribly and way too young. And I don’t mean the religious hypocrites but the real kind hearted ones I am sure you have met a few.

Trying to “figure” that the good and the bad all end up in the same nihilistic hole just does not compute in the great picture.

Anyway I hope you get the gist of my gestations.

I like Sagan saying that he didn’t know enough to be an atheist and that Ann Druyan is from what I heard her say an agnostic which seems to be one of Dawkins pet peeves as well.

Yahweh and Agnostics must have pissed in his cereals when he was younger.

I guess to profess anything requires more knowledge that the human mind can contain. So far the human mind hasn’t proved much of anything at all from either side the intellectual or the religious.

Both are just too proud to admit that they are ignorant and they have no real answer and this “belong in my club or else” attitude is so childish and puerile that IF there was any extra terrestrial intelligence out there they would CERTAINLY know enough to stay as far away from our intra terrestrial madness as possible.

So to repeat my further statement:

Mankind in general DOES have a lot of blood to answer for.

And since it is not answered in the here and now my question is where and when?

No need to be a psychologist to tell you what impunity leads to in this life alone if not the next.

P.S. The classic story of having my poor brother or sister dying of a horrible death so I am gonna get back at this god who didn’t answer ME and huff and puff and blow his house away is too puerile to touch really.

Yeah! Right! That will show him! Go Girl or Boy!

So called intellectual claims it seems to me are very often thinly veiled in an emotional cauldron of anger and hatred and revenge of some sort under a cool disguise a bit like the captain of the Bounty trying to look cool in court.

One can almost see the HUMONGOUS chip on one’s shoulder at times.

We are not rational beings by any shape or form! Emotions rule the world and are impossible to separate from the false rational argument.

The only answer is in DEATH!

Even stronger than TAXES trust me!

I am so glad no one can come back from it to win his/her argument.

There is a god right there in THAT wisdom. J

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