Friday, October 29, 2010

The Short on Leibniz

There is no such thing as a best possible world or even a possible world there is THE world as IT IS.

Now to describe it as IT IS would be IMPOSSIBLE since every story is a distortion.

And we are all half-right and half wrong give or take 49.99% either way.

And since the tree of knowledge of good and evil it is absolutely impossible to completely know which is which. What is wrong to you may be right to me and I may be right to think so and “know” so as well but it won’t stop you of thinking it is wrong even though I know better. J

And everything happens for a reason seems to be so utterly wrong these days there is no “reason” to mad killings and misery and innocent suffering or plain stupid bullying.

“Everything happens for a reason” seems to be defeatist propaganda from tyrants or exhausted peasants.

I am beginning to think that Leibniz was smoking some really potent shit.

I don’t doubt theodicy it is the anthropodicy I am very skeptical about.

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