Friday, October 15, 2010

Earthlings Limited Communication

The urban legend of 10% of our brains is almost true on a screen.

I am trying to learn about communications and Everybody is trying to sell me something!

What does that tell you?

That is the difference between Googling and the Britannica

but the Britannica already sold you something.

Listen With Your Eyes

Tips for Understanding Nonverbal Communication

Here is a more precise (and necessarily detailed) representation of Mehrabian's findings than is typically cited or applied:

7% of message pertaining to feelings and attitudes is in the words that are spoken.

38% of message pertaining to feelings and attitudes is paralinguistic (the way that the words are said).

55% of message pertaining to feelings and attitudes is in facial expression.

Total Liking = 7% Verbal Liking + 38% Vocal Liking + 55% Facial Liking

According to Mehrabian here, a lot of make or break, good and bad blood are made over basically a mean of communication that only allows for SEVEN PERCENT of what we really mean.

93% of it is LOST on a cold screen.

How many of you had a BIG argument on the screen that was solved in 5 seconds flat over a phone call? And that was only 45% still of the whole communication prism.

A lot of what I say also or write is lost due to my poor EQ, my lack of communication skills and especially writing skills AND there is a big loss also in audience awareness since I speak gibberish where the only entity that could understand me would be my guardian angelJ! One, who would have been over my shoulder all my life, lived everything I have lived, and read every line I have read.

i.e. if I say

"I have the EQ of Charlie Gordon"

which is very short I would lose almost all interest from everyone because they have no idea what I am talking about and I am too lazy to explain. Maybe a bit of googling would decipher my secret code but who wants to google everything?

Charlie Gordon is my favourite fiction character of all times. From Daniel Keyes's Flowers for Algernon he is a retard in a sci-fi novel who gets an operation to become intelligent. His starting IQ was very low. What is not mentioned as so in the novel but is thoroughly explained is that his EQ (Emotional Quotient) did not grow along with his IQ.

There is nothing wrong with googling but we all have priorities of interests and time that are totally different for each of us.

Having said all this also I forgot to mention the greatest handicap of communication altogether, first our humanness and second linguistics and semantics.

I mean we are not built for telepathy for many reasons one being our shortcomings and evilness and words are quite constraining when it comes to expressions and ideas in a nutshell.

Now after my long intro I must espand on a short written comment. J

You said it yourself and revealed that sexism when expressing that a woman has more ability to hang on by a thread for their children than does a man.. that is very stereotypical and steeped in your own socialization within a sexist patriarchal society..

I disagree with that for many reasons. For one try attacking a bear cub who knows nothing about our human imperfections and see who is coming at you with big teeth and big claws if that is a good example. It has nothing at all to do with stereotypes or any big chips on our shoulders we might have, it is a natural instinct, visceral, primal and primitive (except for the mouse who eats her own kids if she feels danger) a mother will hang on to the very end for her progeniture. After all she is the one who has suffered and given birth to them.

Dads in nature given a chance will kill the babies just so they can fuck the mother.

OK not all dads but it’s not easy being a young male animal I tell you! J

As a side note here a study of “suicide” among animals is also interesting if you neglect the lemming legends.

(I also realised here that some of my meaning might get lost in translation since my “mother tongue” is French.)

Also I who have a tendency to see only black and white tend to see grey here as in a mix with no name yet between patriarchy and matriarchy. It doesn’t HAVE to be ONE or the OTHER. I prefer a sense of French Fraternity and Liberty and EQUALITY here! J

Some sort of old Jesusian* values. J

Jesus got them together to settle things down. "You've observed how godless rulers throw their weight around," he said, "and when people get a little power how quickly it goes to their heads.

It's not going to be that way with you.

Whoever wants to be great must become a servant/waiter/errand runner.

Whoever wants to be first among you must be your slave.

* There are few words more bastardised, misnamed, misconstrued, wrongly used, murdered and butchered as the word Christian.

Voila! C’est tout pour le moment!

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