Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My little college story

Even when I got lucky I got no luck at all.
In a so-called critical thinking college class once that was no more for a while than a cheap high school English class just because the teacher was way in over her head and too lazy to study a decent curriculum (she had us writing resumes for fucksake). She came up with a great idea to have a debate that would take half the term to prepare. Subjects AND SIDES were distributed randomly and I got lucky enough to get my favourite passionate subject and the SIDE I was on ALSO which was AGAINST: the subject being that Mondo card and a cashless society.

Early in the project my partner quits but I can do this. So we get to the debate and take a preliminary vote and obvioulsy I am already the underdog despite 10 undecided.


80% of the undecided votes on my side and I won the debate hands down.
Unfortunately I touched the Finkler Question as Jacobson now calls it and my teacher was unknowingly one of those ASHamed Jewesses.

Don't get me wrong I am not antisemite at all quite the contrary, I am overly biased toward the apple of God's eye as some call it and kind of wish in vain that they could have their peaceful little corner of earth.

So back to my story, she just didn't like my simile of a cashless society in Nazi Germany and how it would have locked the Jews in their slums. She also was one of the two votes against me. The other team just mumbled and fumbled.

So I was looking forward to quite a nice note on this exhilarating experience and I was totally shattered when she gave me a C- and gave the losers a B+, so deflated and disillusioned in fact enraged with a feeling of injustice and powerlessness that I quit the class there and then and being too late in the semester got an F for the whole course.

To this day I have great disdain for courses and sports that can be so arbitrary, one of my most hated word.
In English and Philosophy and many other classes you could write the very best essay ever, a Pulitzer Prize, Hell a Nobel Prize even and some disgruntled low life teacher miserable as hell can give you an F and justify it in a million way. Hell it's easy, serial murderers justify their evil deeds all the time. Where in Maths and some science you can tell the teacher to go and fuck himself and tough titties because you are fucking right and he is fucking wrong...end of.

It probably changed the course of my life but I had a long history of a good IQ backed up by a retarded EQ that was just waiting for me patiently. :)

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