Friday, October 14, 2016

Money is a powerful aphrodisiac. But flowers work almost as well. ~ Robert Heinlein

My 2 bits on a subject I try to stay away from GTBTP

Not excusing the man in any way, shape or form, he is a Neanderthal and any ‘sexist’ conversation is danger ground today but no one mentions the other side of the coin.

The side that states that money and power is a powerful aphrodisiac, 

the fact that millions of females chase men like Trump and even worse, 

the fact that justice is so warped and corrupted that he will get away with many unspeakable acts when and IF he is brought to justice 
as thousands of women will look at this as a necessary step to climbing the gold ladder and laugh and giggle about it in their locker room or fancy hotel powder room.

When we think of bribery we think of China or Russia or some third world countries but we forget all the Alan Dershowitzs of the world. 

The men that free guilty assholes for enough cash.

Sure women have to rally against all bullies. 

hell men ought to rally against all bullies 

but as long as a great percentage of gold digging bimbos and bunnies will undermine them, their work won’t be easier, a sort of divide and conquer from the male species where money buys everything as IF everything was for sale.  Groupies could also be included in that group while we’re at it.

So yes sure condemn the man by all means but do not forget how and why he got this way: because he can and they let him, 
not all of them but way too many of them.

We think of prostitutes working the street as low lives and we should think again but as Amy Winehouse once said we should always watch out for the “Fuck me Pumps” skanks that run around rich circles and perpetually encourage this insane behaviour.

The very fact that this sentence exists is and is accepted is an outrage:

 Money is a powerful aphrodisiac.

Let's end with this cute old story now:|

Man to woman: Would you sleep with               me for one million                 dollars?

Woman: Sure.

Man: How about for one dollar?

Woman: What kind of woman do you          think I am?

Man: We've already established          what kind of woman you are.
     All we're doing is haggling        about the price.

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  1. if one thinks locker room banter is bad maybe one should listen to powder room banter equally