Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The great oceans of truth lay all undiscovered before me

I remember scoring a proud A minus in calculus in my forties.  Today it is all blurred water under the bridge, a feat I doubt I could repeat as I am slowly turning into Charlie Gordon post-op.

And it is sad in a way inevitable inexorable and a few other in’s as well.

But on the other hand having my full faculties of my youth and much more and reading all the material I could cram in would not help either.

Like Newton I too will say:

“I don't know what I may seem to the world. But as to myself I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the seashore and diverting myself now and then in finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than the ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.”

Have I had read trillions of words I would still be limited by this human defective shell, this mankind highly defective brain.
A brain that argues against the spending of medical services especially if they are made by the state but has no qualms at all on military spending in the trillions of dollars.

In my Eloi utopia the best medical science is free for all and there is no such thing as totally unnecessary military budget and humongous wastes on weapons of mass murders.

There is no ignorance and mass hysteria frequently provoked by religious beliefs as they are recognised for what they are and have always been: a mental disease.

For one thing millions of people based their whole misogynous lives on the word of a manic man who fell from his horse FFS! 
I mean how credible would such an individual be today? 
Has anyone ever heard of temporal lobe damage and the hallucinations that come with it? DUH!

Besides other old texts created for power by the writers themselves left purposefully ambiguous for the purpose of escaping judgement and being caught at their conning game.  Apologetics and exegesis being nothing short of bullshit.

Our best scientific knowledge is lame and as solid as any other strange belief at times since we have a pattern of only seeing our errors a hundred years from now.

Who knows if the Big Bang theory will not be the joke of the 22nd century? Or any other extrapolation we are trying now with the very best minds we have.  So much conjuncture, pride, ignorance, and pettiness at the highest levels.

This Eloi without the Morlock dream was the best a human mind could produce as most attempts at utopias usually turned into dystopias considering the shortness of time we have “separated” from the apes.  

That John Lennon’s Imagine dream was just pretty words invented by a highly flawed human being not living up to his words for sure.

No countries, no religions, all races equals, no caste, no upstairs and downstairs separation, eventually considering our nature I would say no marriages either and some sort of test tube procreation and proper state education almost a la Huxley.

How many criminals should have had their parents on the chair instead? Really?

How much damage is created by unrealistic religious expectations?
How many times does one have to teach a young child to ponder on the words “if I die before I wake” to then expand on some local bullshit of their own of what happens after.

I am a silly idealist for sure and I like it that way. I even dislike the Huxleyan Alphas Deltas and Gammas even though we do need some practicality I understand and I can’t come out with a solution where the milk is delivered and there is no politician in charge.  For we all know that no human can handle power so far never did, never will.

Plus it doesn’t matter anyway because none of this will ever happen but it would make the best book ever though!

Thing is it might not be a best seller since happy  people have no history and there would be no drama to keep us entertained, no cult of the ugly like the current reality / idiocracy TV is feeding us daily with abusing ugly people and housewives and gogglebox and what not.  Pure trash to promote more trash and worst be happy in our trashy shit laying down in it and enjoying it in some form of schadenfreude from hell.

There would be no need for space exploration except for knowledge maybe as this planet would be properly treated and managed and resources and population wisely handled.  Space exploration as a future precaution only maybe for massive emigration when this sun collapses or some other cosmic calamity and by emigration I mean all of us not just a few rich fucks to expand their rich fuckery further in the universe.

Ideal economics now is always a stumbling block of all.  People with contentment working the excesses for the good of all is hard to imagine or even worse put in practice.  A moneyless world where all needs are perfectly met and beyond and all top medical attention is free and all science needs for the advancement of humanity are covered as well without arms build ups or hardly any accidents.

All the money invested in death transferred to life giving and extending instead.

Anyway one can always Dream On… the best escapism given to us.  

Makes me wonder what animal dreams are like now? Probably as basic as running from a dog or digging for some goodies and not extrapolating on the future of all mammals.

So Dream On everyone while we can.


  1. I will keep looking for the pretty shells and forget they were once the homes of perished life forms. The next shell will be more perfect and offer even more hope of a greater one. There must be finer shells to find.

  2. I will keep looking for the pretty shells and forget they were once the homes of perished life forms. The next shell will be more perfect and offer even more hope of a greater one. There must be finer shells to find.