Friday, October 14, 2016

Sophie’s choice in Sophie’s world.

All the Allan Watts, the George Gurdjieffs, the Doukhobors, the Steven Grays. 
(who prefers to call himself Adyashanti as it sounds more like the phony bullshitter that he is),
the wannabes, the ‘think-they-are’, the has-been, the so-called philosophers… inflated egos trying to decipher and be better than their peers, the smooth talkers and smooth thinkers of this world trying to make a phony humble mark by mishmashing a whole bunch of old things together and call them their own and then become roshis and masters of low life followers who could not see the light by themselves. 

Funny coincidence is that a lot of these charlatans ended up on Oprah’s show: Obviously the wisest of them all if not the richest.

All the chosen people shunning anyone that dares to slip from their fake and phony power.

Shunning is such an simian blackmailing form.  

Cultures and Cults use it effectively sadly enough.  

When shunning should be seen as a victory and freedom from chains it is perceived unfortunately as a negative punishment as if one had done something wrong when it is often the contrary.

And then you get the blind followers as good cult members who say “Oh but you don’t understand, it’s too “deep” for you low-life unenlightened one.”

The “me-so-deep”, “me-so-smalt” types.

The ones who “UNDERSTAND” a master, a guru, an artist, a film maker etc. and look down at you the uninitiated dark ones.

The good old gnosis of eons and ages strikes again.

Bottom line is usually same as ever more power more money and more sex more or less hidden.

Truth has fuck all to do with it all.

Greeks of old and their favourite sport of otiose banter, their vain babbling their kenophonia: empty sounds.

It’s more than exhausting it’s higher than the Everest that has killed many to try to decipher anything good in this mountain, correction this UY Scuti of shit.  

Ok I admit it would be impossible to have a pile of shit bigger than Earth on Earth itself but then again the pile is higher than one can conceive or count.

Huxley was right all along.  Don’t try to cover the truth just flood it in a pile of shit.

Six or seven thousand years of mindless written banter and we are not close to anything remotely wise and true.

Not sure why I keep trying now.  Maybe I like to pretend to be transcendental like all the other bullshitters out there. To seek higher to practice the good ole seek and ye shall find blah blah blah. The fact I was given a brain that is capable of dreaming of such an unattainable nirvana.

Well if you look at all my followers you know for sure I am not getting more power or money or sex for sure~! LMAO

Sophia and Sapiens: Wisdom has become meaningless on this pale blue dot.

Truth also, and the knowledge of good and evil, and absolute morality seem to all be some sort of simian creation we amuse ourselves with.

The best future one could imagine is a moot point altogether as there would be 7 billion answers to this and 7 billion “wrong” answers.

All this collective wisdom bullshit leading to nothingness and darkness.

Watts is seen as an unusually gifted speaker and writer driven by his own interests, enthusiasms, and demons.

It is interesting the Spike Jonze / Adam Spiegel has managed to turn a rebellious alcoholic into a wise smart enlightened and very seductive Operating System to fool the likes of Scarlett Johansson. 

Interesting also is the fact that Brian Cox chose to associate himself with such a whack job.

And poor Joaquin who could not understand how one could talk to eight thousand, three hundred sixteen people at the same time and be “in love” with six hundred forty-one in the same nanosecond. 
OS Watts being just one of them inflated bullshitter and specialist at intellectual/spiritual masturbation.

It was a bit too much for him same as it was too much for Dr. Crusher to deal with a constant shape shifting symbiotic parasite.  

We humans are so limited.

Anyhow here it is all for now! Think and Opine away! 


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