Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Loyalty, propaganda, and macédoine~!

Loyalty, propaganda, and macédoine~! (aka syncretism)

I thought it was a sad day when a dog makes it to Wikipedia and your name is not there lol but then again Wikipedia along with celebrity and Twitter and such is way overrated. 

It is NOT a sign or a gauge of achievement or success to make it to Wiki’s roll of honour.

I don’t recall ever hearing of Hachiko but surfing 9GAG one learns things. J

A bit like discovering an old song by listening to some Voice, X Factor, National Idol, My nation’s got talent etc etc. since
I almost never listen to the radio and when I do it’s oldies (6IX)
and I know most of them.

And now we are back at Hachiko and how the poor dog was used more than likely to even promote Kamikaze as a sign of fucking loyalty.

For those of you who have never read my blog I hate loyalty and its association with anything moral. 

Just search Jonathan Haidt to find out.

Which will lead you to this

And then this too where I say

Loyalty to me is to principles not people.

Which now brings me to the mishmash of syncretism.

I thought for a minute that mishmash was such nice word until I read this: a confused mixture. "a mishmash of outmoded ideas"

informal scissors-and-paste job, mash-up

Now as a French speaking native I should really prefer macédoine but that is just a little too veggie for me now.
There are a few nice choices though here I should study and use later.

Speaking of French, back to my onions now.

Technically every single one of us is syncretic.

It is said that

“Such adherents sometimes see syncretism as a betrayal of their pure truth.”
Well their “pure truth” is a syncretism of personal exegesis, hermeneutics, interpretation and everyone has a different shade than his neighbour’s.

We also all have a different eschatology for sure but the common point is that we all have an σχατος, an END TIME.

Funnily enough apparently there is an etymological relation to enkata, intestines and the end of intestines is an asshole so we start as an asshole (as deuterostomes) and we end as an asshole.

Possibly for Proto-Indo-European *eǵʰs-katos, from ἐξ ‎(ex, out). Compare with ἔγκατα ‎(énkata, intestines)

There is a human point though where a so-called syncretic is viewed as an asshole, a bastard, a traitor, a mulato, metis,  mixed race, the Eurasians of the world.

I came to the word syncretic reading about some name I had never heard before would you believe? 

A well-known omnium gatherum of beliefs, a salmagundi, and a macédoine so you can have your proteins AND your veggies J

none other than Zlatan Ibrahimović himself. One of Sweden’s famous people apparently according to 9GAG again and to me the name did not sound very Swedish so I HAD to Google it.

The word syncretic immediately reminded me of Alan Watts and all the wannabe gurus out there who try to stick out appear original and sell their shtick.

It would seem though that all that bullshit tattooing business doesn’t stop Zlatan to be considered a dirty and arrogant player~ Go Figure!~ (or Watts from being a drunk)

I am not a fan of submission myself but it seems to me that when you cannot submit to the demands of one belief you just become an unhinged rebel.  

Now one could ponder I suppose what would be the demands of atheism on one’s soul but then again there are many many atheist assholes as well.

So here are my gathered and scattered worthless thoughts again.  

There is always a pattern and some trigger words like loyalty and religion etc.

Opine away all my non-readers!~

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