Thursday, March 11, 2010


It just seems so obvious to me that since this planet cannot get rid of all the junk we throw at it fast enough (plastic, nuclear waste, petrol, pollution of all sorts) it will do what is necessary to survive as it has always done and will get rid FIRST of its biggest threat: US, human beings and then it will have all the time in the world to clean the tons of garbage we left behind and return to its once pristine condition.

There are only 2 solutions outside of Armageddon and some external salvation coming from above.

1. We self-destruct and leave no one behind and I mean not a single soul otherwise it will all have to be redone again a a few thousand years. Or

2. This planet spew us out entirely like a bad virus and doesn’t stop to the very last soul. And I am sure Mother Nature has a thousand way to do that, cataclysms of all sorts or just a super duper virus more like an antibiotic in fact to get rid of us the real viruses and don’t stop taking your medications til all these filthy human bacterias are entirely eliminated and annihilated to the last one.


Our priorities are so screwed up it’s mind blowing. Instead of taking care of war, famine, poverty, justice, equality, abortions and murders of all sorts, drug, alcohol, ignorance and superstition we have activists who are so much against killing babies that they kill the doctors instead, so much again cruelty to animal that they kill the scientists. I find most Activists as a rule a very scary bunch a bit like a mob out of control from Zola’s Germinal.

Some of these issues anyway have much deeper roots and sources than just pulling the dandelion out so the grass looks green. Many seem so much more concerned in this society in keeping the outside of the cup clean not minding that the inside is filthy and rotten to the core. Being a Pharisee and a hypocrite won’t solve a thing at all. A clean facade is nothing but a lie as a matter of fact I think Jesus had much more issues and anger towards the so called pillars of societies that pretended to be holy than with many sinners we tend to look down at and despise like prostitutes and winos etc.

Anyhow I just can’t join the bandwagon of optimists and dreamers who think this world would get better, it hasn’t improved at all in thousands of years and shows no sign of any improvement in the next 10 thousand years either.

And the only thing that keeps me from being a total atheist and nihilist is that despite all the illogical idiocies that happen daily, hourly in this world A DAY OF RECKONING seems to be an absolute logical end to all this. Logical in an illogical world! What a paradox!

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