Friday, March 26, 2010

Long term plan

The 50’s had a good start with the beatnik movement

And the 60’s brought us a lot of hope with Peace and Love and the Hippie movement

The 70’s still were trying hard with songs and movies that meant something but then

The disco years came and brought us back to the Middle Ages and the 80’s were wasted

And the 90’s got very bad and worst with Michael Bolton’s karaoke style and it’s been the death of creativity ever since with every song and movie concerned about Mammon and money making and profit and not interested at all with something deep to say or new to bring to the world and now we are totally doomed with 9/11 with every new idea and revolutionary thinking being annulled and annihilated and sentenced to some rendition of Guantanamo Bay similes under the branding of terrorist. So in one or two words we are FUCKED! TRULY FUCKED!

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