Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sanctity and Sacredness

Semantics again! I never quite understood the principle of holiness and sanctity anyway. Be Holy is a very vague command. Plus it means a million different things to a million different people. What is holy, sacred or sanctified to you may mean nothing at all to me but primitive superstition. For one thing I have the hardest time to sanctify object or material of any kind even the more when there is a profit made by the making and selling of them.

If I had to sanctify a couple of things I suppose it would be air and water since without them I could not sanctify much else for too long. In truth and in spirit seem to be a nice ideal where much less material is involved and where it is pretty well left to you without someone breathing down your neck trying to kill you next time your hypocrisy is not as good as his.

The John Lennon song “Imagine” is the closest thing to holiness and sanctity I can think of but it will never happen. The mess is that SOMEONE is always trying to do God’s Work and it often involved killing a whole bunch of infidels of which of course we are not part. Harmony, love and respect is fine but it never stops there I am going to stick my mode of harmony love and respect down your throat whether you like it or not is more the style of the eon.

Free will as you wish but this creation is highly animal like and destructive besides being simply ignorant and sanguinary.

Can never have the blooming Elois without the bloody Morlocks it seems. All this meat eating is always bad business and one too often ends up as one’s meal not to mention the ultimate end: one’s excrements. But there was trouble before meat eating anyway even though even at this early age some killing (called sacrificing) was involved and one got his head busted over that debate.

I always come back to Kerouac, would have loved to meet the man and have a few convos with him, more or less sober ones preferably J

But he said All human beings are also dream beings. Dreaming ties all mankind together. and All is well, practice kindness, heaven is nigh.

I am not so sure at times that ALL HUMAN are dream beings but if I was to write one day my Martin Luther King Speech I am not even sure of how it will go since it would be maybe a nice exercise in beauty and truth and love and poetry but also a nice exercise in utter and total futility.

I HAVE A DREAM, well I certainly do and it might be very similar to the Eloi WITHOUT the Morlocks but a bit like this bipolar disorder and so many other things one cannot have the highs without the lows, the truth without the lies and good without evil and evil is what spoils it all in each and every one of our hearts and souls.

There seems for absolutely illogical and unfathomable reasons to be an absolute need for evil. Create 6 billions Elois and let one Morlock in there and it will spread like a virus. One cannot have the sheep without the damn wolves.

Someone has written somewhere and it is very puzzling for some of the wanna be sheeps who can never stay pure anyway and more than likely are even often deluded about being innocent harmless sheep.

And there is just no solution at all, tis absolutely impossible to cull and eradicate all the wolves to the point where some sheep would miss em and turn into them I believe.

One could not even create a small Eloi Kingdom in a far and isolated island as some Judas and Thomas or Anybody would turn it into the Lord of the Flies, which I haven’t read yet but believe to understand the concept.

Quoting Jack again men are not like gods but like dogs.

Someone got dyslexic at the very beginning and misread the recipe for creation.

O well we can still dream and lull our senses with nice words but that’s all they will remain for a long long time WORDS.

Harmony. Kindness. Love. Truth. Beauty. Understanding. Wisdom. Heck add Eternal Life to that but then Eternal Life without the previous words is not a dream anymore but the ultimate nightmare.

On a sub note worthy of study it would seem that eliminating appetites and need for it easier on a perfect world as food and sex always seem to complicate things.

Money is another ultra major hurdle and handicap to this utopian world.

O well one day just for the futility of it and the exercise of mind and philosophy I will attempt to write my “I have a dream” even though writing a dystopia would seem more reachable. J

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