Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Good Samaritan has now been handcuffed.

I couldn’t put a date on it I guess it’s been around for quite awhile in one form or another but there was a time where some men were real men and some were real caring vocationalists. And of course I use men in the general sense here as human kind for we all know that most of those heartfelt tender cares were given freely by women much more than men.

Not sure if it started with McDonald’s having too much money and good insurers or where the ultra professional ambulance chaser wave started but we all have paid a very heavy price now for a few greedy idiots. I mean there is justice and there is just plain idiocy, cold turkey brain greed and stupidity.

And the price we have paid is that the victim on Jericho road now is dying in the street because no Good Samaritan will ever touch him again. You can’t help your neighbours, everything has gone sky high because of the extra stupid suits and fines that had to be paid and everyone has his hands and his heart tied now in chains of red tape and insurance policies and ass covering book of instruction the size of a Britannica Encyclopaedia. You can’t even defend yourself from intrusion in your own house because this crazy world will let the intruder sue you and cream your ass.

So all we have left is a bunch of wusses and cowards and people with no hearts, no guts, and a banana for a back bone. No saints and no heroes left but just fear for your own poor ass getting caught in a cunning sling.

The first judge who started this curse on all of us should burn in the very deepest hell hung by the balls with no relief for eternity and all those ambulance chasers lawyers should be much close to him being forked in the ass every day just like they’ve done to us.

You know that there is absolutely nothing worse in this so called earthly justice than to establish a “PRECEDENT” so as soon as the first idiot gets millions for just actually being an idiot you just started an avalanche, a tsunami of gargantuesque proportions and there is no force on earth to stop it now short of a great great great depression so there is no much more money to be given to greedy bastards.

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