Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Love one another and leave me the hell alone

Ah just a few short or maybe not so short more random notes on the subject. Sanctity, Holiness, Sacrilege and BLASPHEMY. Here is a word they threw at Jesus plenty of time when you want to get rid of someone you hate you want to steal his house, his goods or his wife you call him a blasphemer, or a traitor or the flavour of the day a terrorist. Such an easy cheap accusation and how many people have used it for evil ends like rape or blackmail or extortion.

It works even best where you re some sort of a “pillar of society” again: being reminded of that apocryphal Susanne’s story in Daniel’s book here. Ah some of them pillars are going to have to answer for a lot. Not looking forward to retribution for myself but in order to have some sort of justice there MUST be retribution and reckoning one day and I mean not the kind of justice, retribution and reckoning that we have today on this utterly corrupted planet.

So I guess my current question among many is not the problem of God, even though this is an important one, you don’t wanna miss on that exam I tell you, or the problem of good and evil, another complex one, or the problem of Life and its purpose and so many others but my haunting question these days is the problem of JUSTICE, ETERNAL RIGHTEOUS JUSTICE.

Are we just animals and tough luck for the antelope or the mouse or the fish that just got eaten or the child that got molested and killed or the gazillion acts of suffering and injustice to apparently innocent people that happen every day with never a single retribution or apparent punishment for the perpetrators who too often die of a ripe old age in their sleep? I just can’t believe this.

Grace is fine at time and all of us can certainly use some but more than a few seem to be beyond grace: genocide or napalm manufacturers or psychopaths and countless others; corrupted heartless greedy murderers who just don’t seem to mind or to care a single bit. If there is such a thing as Karma one cannot imagine what they would come back as for payback.

It is getting to the point where I don’t want to travel anymore you see I have two terrible habits that would get me in big big trouble in some places. No No I don’t deal drugs, for one thing I like to kiss my wife in public and it comes to me naturally, well in some countries it would end me in the locker if not worse and for another I have this errrr bad nasty habit of having a little phlegm at time and well errrrr I just spit it out (Sorry folks I try to be discreet about it) J but in some other places that would get me the cane the same as if I had graffiti a Ferrari or something. Besides the thousands little counties laws everyone has like Ani DiFranco says Smile pretty and watch your back.

O well I could go on and on and Jack Kerouac should have started his own religion. J

But in the meanwhile to mix Jack and Ani: Smile Pretty and watch your back and

All is well, practice kindness, heaven is nigh.

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