Monday, August 8, 2011

Am I my brother's keeper?

Old tired ranting

Well most of my "bros" don't seem to give much of a flying fuck about anything so why should I eh?

I am just coming back obviously from a walk in a shopping centre also known as dodge the zombies.  Why should "I" be the one doing all the awareness and alertness thing? Why can't we SHARE that BURDEN?  

Anyway I could go on forever but just a few thoughts about that History Channel show I watched on Cain and Abel.   Some brought some interesting points and they seem to have forgotten the most interesting point altogether to me.

One mention that "God" was "soft" on Cain because He, God Himself, was the source of all the troubles to begin with for playing favourite

Ha! Ha! Interestingly  Outrageous, almost Blasphemous to some .   

Apparently God did not believe in capital punishment either way back then.

My point is that the first act of "SACRIFICE" alone was the trouble to begin with. 

No sacrifice, no waste of goods and everyone is happy happy joy joy.  

We can barter, eat, and drink, and be merry. 

Sacrifice and difference of opinions on the way to sacrifice have always been nothing but the road to contention and wars and blood and murder.   

So let's eliminate sacrifice to begin with.

Voila! Think on that for a few. Meditate my son, my brother! :) 

In the meanwhile I'll go check the mirror for any mark on my forehead somewhere.

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