Saturday, August 6, 2011


true liberty is living as we should not as we please

"true liberty " is very funny semantics indeed

It has 7 billion different meanings for 7 billion different people

Make that 14 billion different meanings,
one each for "true"  and for "liberty"

Many of them being false (opposite of true) and nothing to do with freedom 

like "Operation Freedom"for instance

bullshit semantic psy ops spin & newspeak.

PSYOP/PSYWAR is not ONLY applied to the "enemies" you know.

The citizens also are victims of "their operations"!

If I hear "Dying for his country" one more time I am going to scream. :|


A closer statement would be dying to make someone else richer and for hidden agendas and lies and betrayals. 

The true traitor$ are running YOUR country. 

Dying under friendly fire or stupid mistakes or just plainly killing yourself because you can't take the bullshit anymore and go PTSD.

The true Freedom Fighters get killed by the false ones: 

Jesus, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln etc 

There is no profit$ in peace 


money talk$ and bullshit walk$.

Short statements on a very profound subjects but words will never "solve" this one anyway.

Greed is stronger than words.

It is well known that the first casualty of war is Truth.

And ALL the rest is nothing but 

Bullshit, Lies and Propaganda 

from BOTH SIDES you delusional patriotic Morons! :)

Blood is not thicker than water when it comes to innocent lives lost and collateral damages.

And Justice for All! Yeah Right!

Not on This Planet! Not Ever!

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