Monday, June 12, 2017


Just another head shaking page that’s all.

‘Murican for sure and just another shallow bimbo cow with a fake title preaching her hateful form of so-called American Foaming at the Mouth Self Righteous Bullshit Christianity. 

Ugly Ugly People.

Funny part is I would not know her from a bar of soap if I probably changed my settings on Facebook.  

Now it seems every time a friend comments on something I am made aware of another abomination in a chain reaction from hell.

I mean I KNOW these weirdos are out there, 

they are everywhere and
America itself is utterly filled with creeps and weirdos 

but they don’t need a voice or a bait click or my attention or knowledge whatsoever,
they don’t have room in my consciousness,
I don’t want them,
i don’t need ‘em; 

life is way too fucking short to fret at freaks.

There is absolutely no point at all in any form of communication with such entities. 

Compartmentalised brains with a one way track who hear nothing at all 
and revel in the support of sycophants. 

Thing is anyone at all can find a few thousands sycophants in any field whatsoever, 
it doesn’t make them right.

This one in particular started on the wrong foot again right with the first word:


Activism should certainly be in the DSM of the future right next to religion.

And then she calls herself a mommy 

as if this was a profession, a talent, a qualification.

Mommy or Daddy only mean one thing,
and one thing only:

You fucked or have been fucked.
(not even required in fact in some cases)

Period end of the story. 

Any animal can do it no talent required.

The title alone certainly does not mean
that you are any good at it. 

Fucking or "mommying" that is.

And that is just one of so many.

Freaks are abundant on the internet,

I, being one of them, I should fucking know.

Now should I change my settings 
or keep shaking my head in disbelief?

Good Question LOL

Some Freaks are amusing
I mean this is how P.T. Barnum made a living no?

Most are just tiresome though 
but sometimes you gotta dig thru the crap to find the priceless pearl of all freaks,

To be continued…

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