Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Science of Stupid

Wish I had a video but nah just an after the fact with poor angle me lying flat on the ground and all so here it goes.

We just got these nice wardrobes on Thursday June the First and Thank Fuck they were not from IKEA ...Pret a Porter and all that jazz unbox and enjoy

So here I am short on sleep trying to get a full view of the fore mentioned wardrobes, 6 feet tall with 3 feet of space to play with at the end of our humongous king size bed; so no problem 

Get the Higher Ground advantage right? 

So I climb on the bed and back up and back up trying to get a full view lean against the wall with my back for the best distance.

Except I forgot a couple of things: 

One.  The bed is on 12 casters.

Two. The laws of physics.for every force applied a counter force pushes back

AKA Newton's The Third Law of Motion

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

So as the bed is starting to roll forward the film of my life goes before my eyes and I landed hard and hurt in a very small but very solid concrete floor scraping my body on that bedhead cage as well

The bed went forward  →

and I went downward  ↓

in a 3 feet wide space

Space which was just before at the other end of the said bed

ending up in this and a funny video I should edit some more

So here it goes a photo blog for a change like the rest of the world

What the photos don't show is the internal damage and the pain on my whole left side which makes it hard to do anything even walk or hold a frying pan with my left hand for example

What else is there to say? You Had to be there I guess.  We've had a good chuckling among the moaning as well.

C'est la Vie! 

Banana for scale is a 9GAG joke but it is a very small banana! :P 

I always meant to put some coasters on them casters but now that the horse is out of the barn it is a little late to lock the barn door.

Ciao for Now


  1. Oh dear! There are better ways to move your bed :P.

  2. Oh joe lol such a scary painful event you manage to turn hilarious! That looks painful - hope you heal up quick poor sue having to listen to all that complaining...