Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Oh Fuck Have Mercy!

I do realise I am the same, we are all the same

but FFS

or as Vicky Pollard would put it

yeah but, no but, yeah but…

I fell on a thought of mineeeeeeeee

and like a rambling drunk

I worshipped it

and realised the shit that was coming

out of my ass and

out of my mouth, and

out of my head

was fucking gold

as I was contemplating this amazing wonder

that my belly button is.

I felt myself drawnnnnnnn ...

hopefully into quarters by four strong horses.

Feeling oneself is also called masturbation BTW.

The shit people say. And I know I said it already I am people too.


Quelle révélation.

It is mind-blowingly amazing the total waste of space and energy

us apes can be really.

The numberless babble, the empty words, the speculations, and 

conspirations and mindless drifting our brains go through.

Utter complete waste of ones and zeros 

a bit like I am doing now going on about it.

But even though there were Amazonian forests wasted in endless 

dribbles ever since Gutenberg’s invention, it now seems with so 

much space on the internet, so many blogs and vlogs, so many 

different channels on cable and what not, 

so much money has to be spent 

on creating utter expensive bullshit 

like craft shows and cooking shows 

and lame attempts at pseudo-science.

Oh well I hope I never ever feel “drawn to reflect” again to spare 

me the ire of Holden Caulfield on my utter phoniness.

End of rant

like sports commentator filling the air time with hot air

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