Thursday, June 8, 2017

MY UTOPIA Symphonie Inachevée

I do although sense a lot of bitterness towards society in general. 

From a young age and more and more as I grow older and become a bigger curmudgeon minute by minute.  

The best possible world is a fucking lousy possible world
when one stops to think about it for a moment.

What I do hope though to come out of this one day before I kick the bucket is to come up with 

MY Theory of Everything.

My ultimate soliloquy

My monology,

my kenophonia that won’t be empty this time

My sophiophony

My phoniosophy.

To be 
but for a moment 

and what the fuck to do with it

And More importantly it seems

What the fuck NOT to do with it.

My utopia perfectly formed and shaped as the ultimate habitable planet.

THE Kepler of  all Keplers

The REAL Brave New World.

As I said we will never ever achieve it

but for fuck sake wouldn’t it be nice to at least know what it would look and be like?

Maybe not even writing it, just reading it would be nice.

Got a feeling again that all this idealism (a long-lived perfectly lovable default of mine) that romanticism is again utterly useless but some have had many fascinating attempts at imagining it.

Reading it would be like falling in love head over feet and in danger of being part of a cult again.

One thing I can tell you for sure though 

There won't be any Facebook in my Utopia.

Trying not to ruin this blog and to keep it a coherent narrative (not one of my strong point) 

but the old images of telepathic benevolent aliens with huge heads come to mind here LOL

Knowledge is complicated.

Science is corrupt.

So maybe it does come down to a

EAT and DRINK and be MERRY

for tomorrow ye shall die be continued

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