Tuesday, June 13, 2017

New Wine into Old Wineskins

I should really get into the old. 

The new is totally unsatisfying. 

I mean of all the beautiful things that have been written I would be better off really rereading  Flowers forAlgernon for the 10th time.

or reading Shakespeare and Dickens and Balzac and Zola
and all the old Greek and Latin masters.

All the blogs and magazines filling today are so highly influenced by Americans and their L.A. abominable phoney lifestyle, the ideas wars, the flaming, the twitting 

(the er is just there to make you forget that you are a TWIT), 

the utter shallowness of it all, 
the sickening madness of politics and religions and even sports bringing nothing into this world, 
it gets to be a little too much

- (the racism and feminism and political and religious wars and all those senseless tumbler/reddit SJWs,)

-the seven billion and climbing little arrogant gods and napoleons never wrong and always right

- The angry proselytising activists with chips on their shoulders the size of Everest

- The pretending and the false apologies

- This complete Orwellian PC madness

- The utterly misplaced censorship where nipples are more offensive than blood. And words offend more than a 1000 horrible deaths as I keep quoting often

Kurtz: We train young men to drop fire on people, but their commanders won't allow them to write "fuck" on their airplanes because it's obscene!

- Words and words and words and war on words

I was browsing 9GAG as I am known to do and one of the memes was about mansplaining which obviously led me to Googling some more.

And I found out it was coined by Rebecca Solnit who while at a rich party for rich people in Aspen she met a bore.
Oh Quelle Surprise.
The bores in questions are everywhere and from every sex but it made for a nice article which after all is what one has to sell when one lives off writing. In L.A. Times too another
Quelle Surprise.
L.A. Times BTW by nature has to be the shallowest paper on the planet.

So the word was ridden wild for 20 years from everyone with an agenda and has been milked to death obviously and raped and deconstructed to unrecognisable.

Now someone is sad that Darwinian natural selection is taking over and the portmanteau will die of its natural death, when it should have been stillborn actually.

I mean this Utopian Agora of the internet 
which was supposed to be a FREE world of exchange 
of ideas and music and books and arts 
has become a dystopian jungle 
of the lowest common denominator, 
the weakest link in the chain.

Someone is trying hard to sell you some tripe and some are trying to block it and some are trying to block the blockers.
It always amuses me when Forbes of all people won’t show me an article because I have an ad blocker, Boo hoo hoo. Money can’t buy everything apparently.

Facebook will reveal in the near future
to be one of the worst idea of history
and will become what 
Charlie Brooker The Divine 
has prophesied 
in the Black Mirror’s Nosedive.  

That episode was excruciating to watch BTW. 

It is already like this in our choice of an app or a vacation place based on reviews,
reviews often bought and corrupted BTW
a bit like IMDB and our political system.

L.A. is pretty well already a nosedive town if you don’t belong in their selective club of beautiful young rich vegan yoga practicing PETA member fence walkers 

where what you wear DEFINES you FFS. 

Wishy washy pleasers with a banana for a backbone.  

Fake and phoney and quickly forgotten until the day they die that is.

Oops let us remember so and so that we hadn’t mentioned in 20 years and laughed at for being such a has-been.

Again I could be totally full of shit and this is only my feelings about my everyday life trying to find some worthwhile occupation on this wonderful world of free SOMA with unlimited PETAbytes we call the Internet.

Getting to be an old curmudgeon torn between my 3 ME’s.

1.       The ME I think I am.
2.      The ME I would love to be. And
3.      The ME I really am.

The ME I would love to be is a bookworm constantly filling my mind with stuff, preferably old and proved and classic.

The real ME however lacks of stamina and forgets as soon as he learns.

And then there is also the ME YOU think I am.

There is no real me really except for one split second and then it’s another me.

One cannot cross the same river twice.

I did not have any choice in this at all and there would be no point to rejoice about it but I think deep inside (err maybe no now thinking further) I was going to say I think deep inside we are all happy with the sex and colour and race we are given but nah many are not.

I am somewhat pleased that 
in this only ride in consciousness, 
[one time only],
I was born a white male in a Medicare Western World. (Canada, Australia etc) as opposed to a May Fly let's say.

I am also happy that my mother tongue was French since it allows me to read wonderful works in their original tongue. 
Everyone knows how much is lost in translation.

I could have been born a little richer and in a more solid family environment but eh we can’t have it all. 

One thing I will tell you is I am also happy I wasn’t born an American and haven’t become one, even though there was one or two occasions I might have.  I would be long dead to begin with and not here to tell you this story.

I can’t think of too many places either where I would have liked to be born.

I can think of plenty mind you of where I would NOT have liked to be born.

Highly religious countries for one and family honour countries for another and countries filled with control and ignorance.

A few countries of the EU might have been acceptable but I haven’t given it much thought since it is all in the realm of speculations that never happened and never will.

To have been exposed to the humongous literary culture of the German Russians or Spanish would have been nice, even to the Chinese culture maybe, but again one has to be very limited in this world.

Again I fear rereading myself to see if I make any sense at all and if I am remotely coherent but the thoughts were there and I felt like sharing LOL also called mania in some circles. 

So here it goes.

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