Saturday, December 18, 2010

Blessed are the Worms!

100% Male - 100% Female?

All that sex talk is so confusing and I am not talking of the 101 positions here but rather of the sempiternal battle of the sexes in all 
regions of the animal kingdom but especially in this species of elevated apes that we are.  

Sometimes I think as my dearly beloved often notes that it is an insult to the apes and gorillas to compare them to some of us.

Not sure where to stand on this one since I was born a male and that has nothing to do with a wise choice of mine. 

I was saying to a female friend lately, in my next life I want to come back as a male and more than that as a white male because unfortunately the world is not a fair place to begin with but it's much less fair to women and people of colour. 

Funnily enough she too wanted to come back as a male.

In my younger days I liked to think of myself as some sort of a SNAG and if I had to guess my quota of hormones I would have liked to think it was about 60/40 on the male side.  
Truth is I am probably much more of a Neanderthal that I'd like to think and maybe a chauvinist in the closet and that score is probably a little higher on the male side and lower therefore on the female side.
Truth is again there is no real scientific way to find out.  

Modern science cannot even tell where a transsexual stands in his/her tortured mind as there is probably nothing like a 100% male psychology and/or a 100% female psychology.  It would be safe to affirm though that none of us are one sided that is either 100% male or 100% female. 

We all are a mix of some sort and to define it seems to be an impossible task.

But yes I feel the pain and frustrations of many women even though I am a little shy of any strong activist of any kind.  And it would 
seem that I am not "one of the blokes" myself in the sense that I don't relate very well with most males and seem to reach a much better understanding and conversation with females.  

I kind of enjoy the thought that according to some Christian teachings there won't be any of that sexual stuff in the olam haba, the life to come.  

Angels we are told are supposed to be asexual even though strangely enough they do seem to come in uniquely male names.

My dream world to cut a story short is somewhat French in philosophy even though one more time the masculine prevailed over the feminine, hell it's even a grammar rule. 

So my wish is 



and Liberté, 

Freedom for us all.

Amen to that!

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