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Those things are quite relative indeed.

To say that the truth is relative now leaves us with no foundation, no ground below our feet and in a perpetual eternal freefall of complete absurdity indeed.

That might have been the original problem of the so-called Fall of Man, a poisoned gift of “Perception”.

Bad actions for right reasons/motives

 or even worse “Good” actions for all the wrong reasons/motives. 

And that “worse” is also questionable since I am of that human race as well.

The good old “out of my good heart” sometimes is filled with bile and venom.

Out of the “goodness” of my own heart but now I hate you for the rest of my life because you didn’t accept MY “goodness”.

There are so many other examples as the good old Pharisaic ways of doing “good” TO BE SEEN.

People generally think giving to charity IS “good”, and some are called philanthropists while their “gifts” did not cost them a thing: sponsored or tax shelter or even better advertisement and PR investments. A good old capitalistic goodness I’d say. 

Down at the bottom one would like to believe that only the doer knows but with the growing amount of apathy, sociopaths, and psychopaths, the doers are getting pretty numb at heart and in the skull too.  

Something about being abandoned to our own evil ways comes to mind here no need for verses for that I hope as it would be I would like to think some universal principle.

Book or no Book, I would like to think that deep down we have or had or at least are born with a universal sense, a real, clear, unmuddled conscience.

The toddler who whacks his little brother across the head feels the need to hide when his mother comes in the room and murder and theft leaves our heart beating a little faster.

But it gets really muddled and complicated and warped very very soon in our wretched lives. 

Men’s rules and regulations pile on and all of our universal innocence gets soiled beyond recognition.  

Self-righteousness defaces us into a devilish form now and we kill and hate in the name of God.

It would also seem to be universal that since we decided to choose the knowledge of good and evil, every single one of us has become a little pope/Napoleon/final authority on everything moral or religious including of course yours truly.

The scariest part is what we sometimes do with that “authority” as many authoritarian people, as we know, also become judges and executioners and Holy Inquisition all in one, KKK lynchers, and stoners of bad women, and a little king in our own little self-made kingdom, more like a TYRANT really.

The very principle of PURE HELL High School Bullying is based exactly on that.  Some would say that bullying is good and necessary but I would like to think that these comments come from bullies themselves, therefore the sempiternal self-righteousness evil cycle. As good old Elvis Costello would say what is so goddamn wrong with Peace and Love and Understanding?

I would also think that our “vision” is skewed and screwed forever and no pair of spiritual glasses will ever “heal” us as we would problaby throw them on the ground and stump them to dust in foaming rage.

So when the great cleansing flood cometh all we can hope for is to be like Noah who
found grace in the eyes of the LORD.

Another very interesting word and concept: 


coming to a wrestling channel near you soon.

P.S. After all we all are aware of what the goggles of love or the goggles of hatred do to our brain and our perception and we also have been told for thousands of years that we have eyes but we can’t see and we have ears and we can’t hear.

P.P.S. It seems quite fascinating to me that “God” has given us a spirit of slumber, stupor and not just any stupor now but some kind of insensibility or torpor of mind, such as extreme grief easily produces according to Thayer: a spirit that is pierced through, transfixed.  

God pardon my lip but it seems that He has kept a bit of that spirit to Himself when one looks at all the unattended suffering on his beloved planet: maybe produced by His Own extreme Grief too.

But YES we are definitely slumbering deep somewhere in a complete comatose lack of true perception.  How else can we excuse our complete apathy? 

We know that when the world has one of its short awakenings good things happen but good things don’t last long and go back to sleep very quickly. 

Ghandi and John Lennon come to mind here among many other giants.  

I already hear some of you destroying the messengers and their shortcomings and forgetting that the message was sublime and utterly GOOD. 

That is also part of our slumbering.

Enough food for thoughts for now I guess.

Better food for thoughts and cannon fodder I guess.

Hmmm I seem to “guess” a lot I guess. :)

Deu 29:4  Yet the LORD hath not given you an heart to perceive, and eyes to see, and ears to hear, unto this day.

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