Saturday, December 18, 2010

Down the Rabbit Hole

Group or Group Therapy and God and Delusional Stupidity 

There is a scene early in Rabbit Hole where couples who went through the loss of a child go to group therapy.
(Can't help but remember Fight Club on this one)
but one couple at their time of talking goes on about How "she" (their child)  HAD to go because God needed another little angel. 
You can feel Nicole Kidman's character fuming and twitching at this point and she breaks a group rule by interrupting and saying 
"Why didn't He CREATE one then?  I mean HE IS GOD after all.  "
I could totally relate to her since lately 
the god thing just doesn't cut it for me either. 
It doesn't do it! 
It doesn't WORK! 
It doesn't explain anything since there is nothing to explain and much of life is, to quote Camus, totally ABSURD.  
Rime and Reason have nothing to do with it. 
God and/or the Devil have nothing to do with it. 

Back in the early days God could sit back and control a small local crowd with no printing and no internet and even maybe even keep an eye with a population of less than a billion for the longest time.  There was less for you to see, less for you to "understand", most people could not even read anyway besides the fact they had no books even.

But now, now 7 billions of us and so many of us in misery and suffering needlessly and falling in the ditches left, right, and centre and no salvation in sight.  
What is the use of a future salvation if not to keep us in chains and darkness?  

Criminals love that one.  
No consequences and no responsibilities and 
no one to answer to. We all know where a child left to himself with rich and over-protecting parents ends up.  Protect a child all your life from consequences and one day you might be at the wrong end of his stick too.

Digressing again but the big picture just does not look nice or remotely close to hopeful.  I do realize that my "backyard" in fact is not that bad at all and if I was the ultimate self-centered and selfish man I sometimes think I am I should be the happiest and not worried about those millions dying because after all they are not mine nor even remotely close to mine and of course I am not Christ and I cannot bare the sins of the whole world on my shoulders.

But I am an infinitesimal part of the human race and as that infinitesimal part I seem to share more than my infinitesimal share of sadness and gloom as if I needed to compensate for all the innumerable brutes who don't seem to feel anything at all.

As a race I do not think that our "good" outdoes or erases our "bad"! 
There is no such thing as redemption in fact, 
things cannot simply be UNDONE. 
Yes it makes a good novel/story but ultimately it is nothing short of bullshit and lies: 
exactly that another story/myth/lie to comfort us and delude us just a little more.  Maybe it's not all bad that delusion thing, one needs a haven in a mad world.

While I am on this and back to that Rabbit Hole movie, the comfort that Kidman seems to find in the "scientific" parallel universe is nothing short of just another delusion and not scientific at all really.

This is not Vulcan Logic here the good of the many outweighs the bad of the few.  
Perfect logic says to me there should NOT be any bad of the few period.
Ok I misquoted Spock but still you get my gist.
What he "really" said was 
The good of the many outweighs the good of the few, 
or the one"

So back to my original thought, I am so good at digressing :), there are a googol unanswered question when it comes to this omni business.  
Omni this and Omni that it just doesn't compute or jive.
Eternalness ·  Omnibenevolence . Omnipotence · Omnipresence · Omniscience???
Who invented all that and where did they get it from? 
Not from the data on earth for sure.

You CANNOT explain or EXCUSE the death of a child or a loved one or anyone and anything really down to your pet golden fish or mouse.  
You cannot explain or excuse the evil, the madness, the suffering, the raping, the maiming, the torturing or even more simply the slandering gossip and bullying and so called minor offenses.  
You cannot explain or excuse the scar tissue many parents leave on your soul.  There is no plastic surgery for this one and nothing in the world will erase it or make you forget it and heal from it.  You can see it right around you.  
Anyone who has worked in a public primary school can tell you. This child or that child is FUCKED for life! 

Nothing ever will fix the damage done.  (Which reminds me of Chase's line about Dr. House: " Only a mother can do THAT kind of damage." In the same line of thinking as Roger Waters in his song Mother. 

This plus fathers disappearing early have formed many strange troubled artistic souls: Marlon Brando, Jack Nicholson, John Lennon, Roger Waters and so many more.

And contrary to what Amorality Anonymous might think or say some things are just DEAD WRONG and DEAD EVIL no matter what delusional psychopathic planet you come from. 

This planet thinking at times seems to go more and more alien everyday but I am probably wrong about this and Solomon is right: there is NOTHING NEW Under the Sun.

So here we are with God, Delusion, and Group Therapy.

Not big on any group myself either. I believe healing bistouris are better left in the hands of professionals rather than "sharing" them with people as fucked-up as I am or even more. 

The Horror! The Horror! 


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