Thursday, December 9, 2010

A - MAZE - D

Here is another beautiful juxtaposition of two words.

Esoteric Interpretation! 

Oh Wow! How more daedalean could one be really?

Ariadne herself could not save your ass from this one.

There is no rope long enough that would not be twisted into 

the most Gimongous Gordianesque Snake Nest Ever. 

Anyone who possesses one of those ear buds hearing devices knows very well how miraculously fast the most complex snake nest can form.

To be quite literal about this, when you start counting 

the amount of religions and their endless ramifications,

the whole damn thing is 

One Kafkaesque Gigantic Hyperbolic Mind Fuck.

An ever expanding universal Maze! 

Not a Labyrinth now but thoroughly a maze 

with a googolplex branches.

If you were going to colour the globe in different shades for every religion and every branch of that religion well you better get yourself a the biggest megabox of Prismacolor you ever got. 

If you got your crayons you can finish this map with all the divisions of the main one I can think of wich are legions, well the divisions anyway if not the main ones i.e. Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and forgive me those I forget but just studying the branch of one only could take a lifetime or two.

Instead of busting your brain for a gazillion years, spin the globe and hit it with the tip of your finger and pick the flavour of the month (or century or millennium) where you land.

Even better don’t pick any at all and hope for the best when you cross the Styx/Jordan and hope they are quite friendly on the other shore IF there is another shore that is.

The greatest beauty of not picking any is you don't have to kill anyone for your belief. 

Wish I could translate the spirit of Georges Brassens here but in a gist he says To die for ideas is a good thing but let's make it a very very slow death since ideas come and go and who is to know which one is right anyway?  As in any war your enemies of yesterday are your friends and allies of today.


Here is another beautiful and so arrogant word: 


Ah the ultimate beauty of words, semantics, linguistics AND Etymology.

1580s, from L.L. orthodoxus, from Gk. orthodoxos "having the right opinion," from orthos "right, true, straight" (see ortho-) + doxa "opinion, praise," from dokein "to seem," from PIE base *dek- "to take, accept" (see decent). As the name of the Eastern Church, first recorded in English 1772; in the sense of branch of Judaism, first recorded 1853.

c.1300, "magnificence," from O.Fr. glorie, from L. gloria "great praise or honor," of uncertain origin. Gk. doxa "expectation" (Homer), later "opinion, fame," and ultimately "glory," was used in Biblical writing to translate a Heb. word which had a sense of "brightness, splendor, magnificence, majesty," and this was subsequently translated as L. gloria, which has colored that word's meaning in most European tongues. Wuldor was an O.E. word used in this sense. Glory days was in use by 1980s.

Doxa a “coloured” word through the ages like most words in fact, that is somewhat loosely translated as the bland glory, a bit like metanoia is loosely translated with the bland repent.
So what does this say about YOU if you don’t belong to US pray tell?  Well very simply that you are


We are not talking ORTHOGRAPH here and a slap on the wrist for misspelling!

We are talking life and death, right and wrong and 

heaven and hell for eternity nothing less.

Ah the games people play son!

So if there is a God up there he is probably sitting on a rock 

crying and singing: Look what they’ve done to my song ma!

Coming soon to a neighbourhood near you
More words I hate?
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