Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Telephone Game in Religious Canons aka Lost in Translation

One thing that touched me in a small presentation of why man created god was that God is using WORDS! Good point.

Let’s consider some of those words now or rather their provenance.
Let’s imagine thousands of years of the telephone game with four or five or five thousand “original” messages or Canons as we are so fond of calling them.

Remember the old telephone game? Get 10 to 20 people in line at a party and get the first one to whisper something to the one next to him. He, in return, turns to the one next to him and repeats what he heard, or what he THOUGHT he heard rather, and so on and so forth until you reach the end of the line.  It is always hilarious and human that 100% of the times the last message has nothing absolutely remotely close to do with the original one.

So what is a canon to begin with? Some obscure collection of old texts that MEN and only MEN have decided to call SACRED. 
Note next time you hear the word “sacred” start running because blood will soon start to flow: Such a funny WORD again that word SACRED. 
One of those magic words that means anything you want it to believe really.

So take all those CANONS and in the same group one canon differs from another assuming of course that one does not add TRADITION to this CANON, another funny word, TRADITION and what is “transmitted”. Remember that telephone game?  Now for some odd strange reasons only the gods know, and they have bent over laughing about it I tell you, this CANON is never exactly quite clear and in fact quite often contradict itself or any code of morality one could think of too by the way. So one canon differs from another because all these MEN obviously cannot agree on what is SACRED and what is not.

If I was to cut a story short I would say that 5000 years of CANONS and CANNONS to defend the CANONS have left us dazed and confused and profusely bleeding over what is SACRED and what is not.

Now not only that but anyone who knows more than one language and semantics and linguistics are ALREADY extremely crippling to any form of communication, kind of tribal and Neanderthal really, so anyone who knows about translation knows it is impossible to translate one word unless one knows exactly what that word meant AT THE TIME it was written and also one could ‘translate’ if a reader is ready to read 15 different words to describe all the nuances and shades of the original work.

So a compromise is always reached: the good old battle between literal and literary and literal  ONLY IF one knows exactly what the original author meant that is, but as a rule the author is not around to expand on the subject. So one has to give it his best educated or non-educated and very biased guess.

Then take this 5000 years of multiple canons upon canons add to this 5000 years of opinions and “infallible” interpretations and countless gigalitres of ink and there you have it God in all his simplicity or not maybe: More like men’s pile upon pile of pure garbage.

So unless I get a call from above I am not likely to know or find out and I could Google the earth for eons and eons and still not be any closer to anything since all is filtered by men and all that men touch is utterly corrupted and invalidated therefore.  As Pink Floyd would put it the Sun is eclipsed by the Moon.

The most dangerous part of all this now is that once one THINKS he knows YIKES the CANONICAL HELL has broken loose.

So you all keep on searching and asking and seeking and knocking now but only on heaven’s door not on each other’s head k? J

For after all it’s only words and words are all I have to take your heart away.

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