Sunday, June 9, 2013

Water and food and shelter and medical attention to ALL equally

Industry a word that used to refer to cleverness 
but thanks to man’s cleverness it is now more associated with the satanic mills which were a big industry too and there are still millions of ‘satanic’ industries, modern slavery, using chewing and spitting out blood and souls out of an infernal insatiable oven.

It seems nearly impossible these days to not dread a job, a mean of living, that will not chew your ass out from Monday to Friday and Beyond.  A world of fairness and no abuse is only a fantasy for most. 

Predators and Preys is more like it just like the animal world really but with an added humiliating touch. 
I try to imagine a world where everyone works for his peaceful happy living seeking ONLY what one needs for the basic daily requirement of he and his family.  Someone said once that we could stack the entire population of earth in Texas or something like that and the numbers and geometry seemed to be right.
Imagine that now 7 billion people with a house and a garden and a little white picket fence, working the land and all, living happily.  Mother Nature certainly has not always helped in that aspect but a few rare people have succeeded.

Imagine a world full of Helen and Scott Nearing now, self-sufficient in all.  

Everyone has plenty and no one needs to fight.

From the beginnings of time it has been nearly impossible to achieve with feudal system and capitalism bleeding the poor to death always, never treating them as equal or giving them a chance.  All these nobles who would not be caught dead working because they are so self-important, feeding off the misery of peasants.

But this Industry is always out to get you, praising the conquerors at the price of the vanquished.  The music and entertainment “Industry” in this realm is not any less guilty than the satanic mills owners. It has chewed and spat out countless of hopeful souls who have been used and abused and cheated as much as can be.
Some I admit come out a bit too well off but then again it just keeps showing the inequality of it all.  Many are ruined and cheated and robbed in broad day life by the industry and its managers to the point where a tired and old Leonard Cohen has to drag his body all over the world just to survive.

Industry, Industrial and so many other words that are supposed to sound so nice and represent the pillars of our society are nothing short of serial killers most of the time. It is still the servant obeying the master and a synonym to slavery in too many cases though. 

We know that many psychopaths end up as CEO and we obey those fearfully and yet if that psychopath had turned out to be a serial killer instead we would run away from him as far and as fast as we can.
All this again to say that at heart I certainly am a communist in the best sense of the word. I haven’t studied or read any of it, Marx or Lenin or Trotsky and all and I do understand also the impossibility of the dream, certainly the impossibility of the dream without violence which I am also against but the dream itself is nice, very nice.

All labourers profiting equally from the fruit of their labours and needy people looked after properly. 

Water and food and shelter and medical attention to ALL equally 

not counting the price.

Very Utopic indeed I know and it will never happen but in the world of MUSTURBATION as Ellis calls it, it is the best there is, the best SHOULD possible.

How the world SHOULD be.

Impossible to imagine on a planetary scale and even impossible to imagine on a national scale, in fact I would say impossible altogether as many cults have proven.  Power it would seem and ‘administration’ always become abusive as if no man could withstand it without being corrupted. Something about the want of power itself is insane altogether and a chaotic hive produces no honey.

It doesn’t seem to exist much in the animal world either as if Life itself was meant to “evil”.  That survival of the fittest thing is murder to most of us.

Survival of the ‘cunningest’, the most twisted, devious, cruel, and sanguinary?

Looking back it would seem like “Life” has always been like that wouldn’t it?

I hate to give Life itself an entity, a will, a personality like all those new age charlatans do. “Life” has no will, it does not care about us individually one single bit.  As a matter of fact we may have one consciousness and one body but we are not one life, we are billions of lives in one container, and all these billions of lives try to survive as long as they can and when too many of them go wrong well the whole system fails and that is when we, as a bigger container of many lives, fail as well.

Funny how our economic system mimics our biological system at times. Capitalists would love to point the finger and boast here. See! That’s how it works.

Back in the old days you had to procreate 12 to have at least 2 of them procreating again and that’s how it goes, tough luck for the ten losers but we still grieve each and every one of them well those of us who can still grieve not the psychopaths CEO’s and serial killers I mean.

But this ‘groaning creation’ still leaves to be desired.

Without the eugenics of a “Brave New World” and without the sempiternal so necessary apparently CLASS DIVISIONS, 
one would like to think that in a parallel universe somewhere life doesn't have to be such a bitch.

One would like to imagine higher purposes somewhere, higher entities so much BIGGER than our biggest petty incestuous entities we call gods. 

I mean Yahweh, Zeus and Krishna Come on! 

Children stories of pettiness, bloodshed, and sexual overdrive.

A world where a life is not a constant struggle led by violence and pettiness and whimsical behaviour?
I do have to admit though that writing the history of such a world would be a tremendously boring task from a human POV.  

Imagine a story with no violence, no murders, no adulteries, no incests, no jealousy and no pettiness?
What is left to write about?

Happy people have no history and that in itself is the tragedy right there.

late 15c., "cleverness, skill," from Old French industrie "activity; aptitude" (14c.) or directly from Latin industria "diligence, activity, zeal," fem. of industrius "industrious, diligent," used as a noun, from early Latin indostruus "diligent," from indu "in, within" + stem of struere "to build" (see structure (n.)). Sense of "diligence, effort" is from 1530s; meaning "trade or manufacture" first recorded 1560s; that of "systematic work" is 1610s.

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