Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts
absolutely but some of them big canon atheists, the big names, always seem to get too big for their britches. 

Each having their little personal agenda and pet peeves and picking and choosing, all of them. 

Dawkins especially at times but the others too,
Hitchens, Harris, Shermer and Cie

The trend lately is to pick on Islam as a favourite easy target somehow and most of them do not dare to touch the Orientals/Hindus/Buddhists with their untouchable mythologies and mythical mythological stories, the same horrors of wars and sexual prowess as the Greek Judeo Christian or other mythologies. 
Stories of hubris and incests and what not.

But why pick on Islam and not the horrors of contemporary and past Christianity and Judaism and others?

For one thing it is very hard to pick on genocidal holier-than-thou CHOSEN Judaism without being counter-attacked by the Mossad and being accused right away of anti-Semitism.
The Jews have been done wrong and therefore can do no wrong if you can follow that ‘logic’.

But if you want to be a true impartial atheist they are ALL wrong and deluded; all of them.

Not just Islam, 

Not just the Jews, 

Not just the Christians, 

not just the Hindus and EVEN the Buddhists, 

not just Wicca or any other MYTH, 

ALL and I mean ALL of them. 

Americans Indians, Australian Aborigines EVERYONE.


But some myths are easier contemporary targets I suppose and more fun to poke at or at least more PROFITABLE.

So let you’re A in A-Theist be comprehensive and include them all.

Do not limit yourself in your war against lies and myths and delusions.
They are all wrong and ALL must go.

Do not BAN one.


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  1. I don't think any of them would disagree on this. However, they are all creatures in need of attention for their causes, and Islam is indeed, an easy target. The Jews have managed to become almost 'untouchable' as you have noted, with any criticism making you as good as a gas chamber operator. The others have managed to slip into popular, secular culture with concepts such as karma becoming accepted as valid or at least known and 'understood' by many. Islam is the least understood, therefore, it is the easiest target.
    People like Harris and Hitchens incorrectly make the assumption that people can identify the lack of evidence as being the Achilles Heel in ALL religions, but sadly, people don't make connections and are unable to operate at above the most basic levels of the taxonomy of thinking. For that reason, hypothesising and drawing some conclusions is beyond the reach of most people. Bad teaching, bad education, black and white thinking. All part of the grand tapestry that is humanity.