Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Voice Australia 2013

Alright alright why not?

Every time I read a celebrity magazine I feel dirty and everyone and his monkey has a blog on current tv programs of some sort so here is my POV and my not so humble opinion on my favourite show lately, almost the only show I really watch.

Here it goes.

I LOVE musical shows of all sorts, Australian Idol, Australia’s got Talent, even X factor to a point and definitely these days The Voice.

I really enjoyed it the other day when Michael Paynter AND Caterina Torres were eliminated. Everything was at last right in the Universe and my faith in humanity was almost restored. J

That these two made it at all was everything that was wrong with the world and there were so many irregularities and too way too much hormones involved in both of those choices.  First of all Delta has no business at all pushing other coaches button, that is a hand cutting offence in some countries and Ricky made me question his real orientation with is matador machismo over a pair of legs.

So all was going well in the world and then last night there was a major upset with the sad loss of Miss Murphy, quite a shock to my system as I was sure she was a shoe in.

Then the whole thing went anticlimactic.  Lame bland songs one after the other and I don’t care how many hits they got on YouTube. 

I was really hoping and expecting Danny Ross to come up with his Everpresent song but he didn’t so we will never know I guess if I was right or not but I strongly believed that this song could have clinched the title of the Voice on its own.

So here we are and I don’t really care who wins now I mean I’d like to see Danny win but then again the title hasn’t helped Karise Eden that much so…

Harrison seems to be a favourite and good for him and good for Seal another coaching victory under his belt.
I will keep wondering if that everpresent song ever came on the discussion table at all and why it didn’t make it as to me it is one of the best song written ever.

So here you go my two bits on The Voice Australia 2013 edition.

Hope Danny makes it internationally as he is a true artist and musician way up there with Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, and Van Morrison.

That’s all I gotta say about that.

Ciao for now

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