Monday, June 24, 2013

the phenomenon of life

on a lighter side again and maybe for the first time this blog
is written straight on the blog itself as opposed to first on a word document and pasted and copied and edited on the blog.  For whatever it means but here it goes.

The blog site auto-correction apparently does not like the word blog itself. :) O well added to dictionary and problem solved.  Did I say here it goes? well here it really goes.

I was talking to my mum late last night (mid afternoon for her) and I learned for the first time that my mum had rubella when she had me and of course transmitted it to me as a newborn PLUS I was born in a basement in the middle of winter, a CANADIAN winter, with a faulty furnace and therefore no heat at all.

In other words from day one I was lucky to be alive and to survive, not mentioning my later multiple extremely dangerous manic adventures on top of that.

And somehow it is the same thing for every ant and human and any other gazillion species on this planet that so-called miracle of life (still looking for another word for that phenomenon, a less mythical and religious word perhaps)

phenomenon (n.) Look up phenomenon at
1570s, "fact, occurrence," from Late Latin phænomenon, from Greek phainomenon "that which appears or is seen," noun use of neuter present participle of phainesthai "to appear," passive of phainein (see phantasm). Meaning "extraordinary occurrence" first recorded 1771. Plural is phenomena.

I might just keep this word now PHENOMENON as words are important and too often devious also not mentioning tainted, I could go on and on on words if you know me at all but let's go back to my phenomenon of life here.

So I am still, here it will be 57 years and a half soon or 

3000 weeks
21,000 days
half a million hours
30 million minutes
1.8 billion seconds

and the rest of the numbers well it is not up to me really, in fact any single one of these numbers is not and never has been up to me.

And everyone of these seconds is also relative of our consciousness, of our association or DISSOCIATION with every single one.

There is this old disease with a new name now where all these seconds are very relative indeed as technically you, your body, is still here but your mind is gone.

There comes a time when time is not time any more.

And back to my consciousness pondering, time is only time when I have consciousness of it. One could almost say that sleeping time is not really time as one find relief from pain or imprisonment in it somehow.

So I was "lucky" from second One I was told and I guess I have been "lucky" every other second after that in some way to be still here annoying you with my ramblings.

or as Little Nell would say:

I'm Lucky, You're Lucky, We're ALL Lucky!

here is another word that needs to be examined LUCK aka Fortune.

So in the spirit of spontaneity I think I will end this rambling here for the mo' 

to be continued in a near future if and if and if ...