Monday, June 24, 2013

Infinitesimal specks of dust in a humongous universe

Infinitesimal specks of dust in a humongous universe which by itself could be the smallest of universes and is only limited by our knowledge and that knowledge itself could be extremely limited as well since epistemology will tell you there is no way to know

i.e. you cannot test knowledge by knowledge.
Watching my pet rabbit for a few minutes frolicking in the back garden I was admiring the ‘miracle’ of life.  I hate that ‘miracle’ word really and will try to change it for something else one day like other words we use. So far I have almost completed the transfer from God to Fuck since both are so easily interchangeable and I cringe every time Doctor Who uses the word ‘creation’, and especially attached to whole, whole creation.  Doctor Who with its prophets and prophesies in a billion years from now a world that has obviously not evolved much still preoccupied much by war, sex, and religion.  Aliens are strangely like us, a bit like other fictitious characters, called gods, being strangely like us.
The ‘advantage’ of the Homo Sapiens or the difference anyway is that we write, we transfer stories, useless knowledge which rabbits and dolphins don’t seem to bother with much.
Like no rabbit here unless his name is Peter or Bugs will come and write stuff on a paper or a keyboard. We do. 
Our specks of dust leave particle that if not stay a little longer than other animal particles at least float in a different realm for a while, a realm of zeros and ones that we also call thoughts.
We leave some stuff behind and for most of us our stuff disappears quite quickly but for a few some stays a little longer and by longer let’s keep it in perspective* too:
Mozart, Plato, even falling out of fashion good old Marx and quite a few more.
It doesn’t do anything to them at all that their ideas stay behind it doesn’t change the composition of their transmutated atoms one bit,
rien ne se perd rien ne se crée as you wish.
Many errors and lies also have been propagated for centuries, even milleniums.
So this blogging is nothing short of an urge to extend my stay at times.
Considering blogs die faster than Europeans in the Great Plague it is a bit of a vain and hopeless task I admit.
And these zeros and ones are as fragile as life itself as I took the time to do a save before a short necessary break here.  One power surge and they are all gone all previous 430 words.  As Emma Thompson knows so well. I wonder if Stephen Fry reminded her of the story of Thomas Carlyle and the French Revolution as he spent hours trying to retrieve her Oscar winning script.  Today it is a short power failure, back then it was a careless maid and a fire and 300,000 words gone in smoke.
So my atoms, my zeros and ones will remain a little longer behind me like an old Facebook account of a deceased one.  How long and why would it matter now is another question.  What good will it do me for them to think of me is irrelevant what is left is what good will it to them or do you dear reader?
Tic Tac Tic Tac shorter of breath and one day closer to death as Pink Floyd would say. I am always a bit horrified even though it does happen many times a day, everyday and everywhere but the media loves to remind us the rest of us don’t exist by reminding us that one of us, a “CELEBRITY’ of course DIED today at only 51.
At 57 and a half soon I realise I have outlived so many celebrities and historical giants in two ways, one in the amount of years that they have lived and two in the fact that even if they had died older than I am, well I am still here and they are not. 
It is the strange feeling you get when you watch some old movies and some of these old movies are not that old let me tell you and you hear yourself whispering in a creepy way a la Haley Joel Osment. “I see dead people”.
I am here now, I leave some sort of a wake behind me until my wake, or a wake before my wake if you prefer.  Mind you I don’t really want a wake.  When it’s over, it’s over someone must have said before.
Leave a wake before your wake.
Here is a sentence that would lose much in translation I am sure.

* How Long Has There Been Life On Earth?

The earth is about 4.5 billion years old, but life did not exist on this planet until about 2 billion years ago, when certain kinds of bacteria and algae began to appear.
Land plants did not appear until about 430 million years ago; reptiles, 300 million years ago; and modern mammals, 75 million years ago. The first apes appeared about 35 million years ago, and the first apelike men, about 10 million years ago. Man, himself, has been on earth for only about 300,000 years.
If the 4.5 billion year history of the earth were to be measured in proportion to one year, man would not appear until Dec. 31, at 8:30 in the evening!

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