Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My feelings about Russell T. Davis characters

I get this odd feeling watching Russell T. Davies characters. 
Some sort of rage, 
very old rage 
over injustices and wrongdoings.

A lot of his good guys male characters are totally emasculated and ridiculed.

He seems to come up with this idea that it is OKAY to be unfaithful to a dull ordinary good guy. 
To go madly in love with a superhero and have a huge fling with him is fine.  

His women have the same relationship with the hero that they would have had with Jim Jones or David Koresh or even Charles Manson.  

Worshipping the leader and looking down on the ordinary loving faithful good man that has always been there.

At least if they left the former to pursue the later but no they keep turning the blade in over and over into the good guy and bleeding him for all he’s got.

Some really strange unreal kinky fantasy if you ask me.  Does it apply to all sexual orientations now I don’t know?

But I find it very resentful and irritating.

Not only is it okay to be unfaithful in body, in mind, and in heart but also good to lie about it and cover it with some retcon.  

Mind you so far Rose is not as irritating as Gwen Cooper about it though.

 I haven’t seen the rest of them so I can’t comment about it but after over 50 hours of Davis story watching that is the distinct feeling I get.

Plus his female characters are so clichés and almost misogynist as well. The hysterical gung-ho totally illogical and dangerous female who has to be rescued by the wise male, so patriarchal and old.

Like I said many times if everything was hunky dory and perfect there would be no story to tell but I can’t wait to see some decent character writing on both sexes one day. No need to go to opposites and extremes either, just a regular thinking human being of any sex will do.

It is probably hard to remain normal when the story is so over the top I suppose with so many impossibilities to begin with why not add some more.  Not that I could do a better job writing anyway and in general he comes with brilliant ideas to explore and political and philosophical points of all sorts to ponder over for aeons.

Wild ideas like no death and children kidnapped by aliens for drugs and the ‘compromises’ of high level corrupted politicians and what not.

But so many characters seem so petty and selfish as many would be in real life I suppose like the whole world perishing and someone boohoohooing over his pet or girlfriend etc. 

Get with the program buster!

Anyway I am sure there is more to ponder about this but having lived in the cult for many years, I am painfully reminded here of this infuriating character flaw.  It seems quite normal for many British programs to have bossy cows as American have horrible patriarch figure a la Archie Bunker. 

Speaking of which is there a show where Penelope Wilton is NOT a bossy cow? LOL Harriet Jones, Isobel Crawley! Get Thee behind me!

Having never watched the older Doctor Who I wonder if that attitude was prevalent in the pre-Davis world now?


  1. I have been interested in the 'mother of the assistant' characters in Dr Who. They aren't given a lot of credibility. I found that a bit disturbing.

  2. yeah a bit like the mothers from hell aren't they? One is your usual chav and the other one even scares the doctor himself, the grandad had an interesting role though.... o well they are just flawed written characters by flawed writers with their own hang ups... 4 episode in and still failing to see what is to be hated in River Song so far she is the strongest and best female char I have seen

  3. but then again also mothers are never welcome either in a cult