Monday, June 28, 2010

My Beef with Darwinism.

It is not that we come from monkeys and that we didn`t need a god whatsoever, (always the underlying idea) but the worst part is to do with the utter dismissal of human inherent stupidity and greed by trying to explain it away by a more tribal, visceral NEED.

Back in the days of colonialism and Victorianism, tribal and visceral was also a sign of human failure and stupidity “metaphored” into superstition and dark mythology and associated with animalism.

Why can`t stupid whores be just that? Stupid Whores! Why do we need to justify or explain their lewd behaviour away?

It comes back consistently in Darwinism and our sex life is always interpreted as intrinsically good and for our best future when it is plainly evil and twisted at times. I guess Le Marquis de Sade was also probably expressing a subtle survival skill for nothing but the benefit of the whole human/apian race.

Scientists and researchers! What a waste of good minds for bored and bone dry media sensationalists.

I hope that everyone knows by now that the “Scientists and researchers” are nothing but weasel words.

Weasel words is an informal term[1] for words and phrases aimed at creating an impression that something specific and meaningful has been said, when in fact only a vague or ambiguous claim has been communicated.


And I had promised myself not to rant today and I have barely been awake for half an hour! I guess I should stay away from these evil Medias then. I can live with watoday and ninemsn and even Google news in English or French but when I fall down to the level of Daily Mail that is when I feel really dirty! LOL! There isn’t even a point ranting about those low life scums who have nothing to say but will get one (celebrity) picture out of context and drool or spit over it for a nauseous length of time.

One of these days I’m gonna pull a Jerry Fletcher in Conspiracy Theory and hit a big one and hear a big Oomph! Not really my intention since like Georges Brassens, yes I intend to die for my ideas, but from a very very slow death! J

Anyway here is my contribution for June 28th, 2010.

P.S. I hadn’t noticed the link was related to Cleo. So now we are talking REAL “authority” then a bit like Woman’s Day and New Idea. Insert sarcastic grin here.


22 Jun, 2010

Scientists have uncovered a Darwinian explanation behind why less intelligent women have a stronger tendency to seek out 'sugar daddies'...

A new study from the Michigan University has found that women with lower IQ are more likely to be attracted to rich men than their smarter counterparts, reported UK's Daily Mail.

The findings suggest that contrary to popular belief, there's more to the 'gold digger' phenomenon than pure greed. Researchers are now suggesting that it could be seen as an "instinctive urge to guarantee a secure financial future for any potential children."

Lead author of the study, Dr Christine Stanik, of Michigan University, says it is "only natural" for women with limited education and career prospects to pursue men who are able to provide financial stability.

‘In ancient times, women evolved an attraction to men with wealth because they knew such a mate could improve the chances of their offspring’s survival,’ said Stanik.

‘It is a very strong gut feeling that is hard to shake off, especially when a woman does not have her own career which would give her financial independence.’

So next time you feel like indulging in an episode of Girls of the Playboy Mansion, don't give yourself a hard time. Remember, it's not only mindless reality TV you are watching -- but true Darwinism at work.

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