Sunday, June 27, 2010

Got Stoned out of my a hot stone massage that is!

I was TREATED today to the ultimate experience.
105 minutes of utter bliss where the superlatives kept

running out and words failed me, unusual for this big mouth

here but words kept popping up like bliss, heavenly,

nirvaniac, untoppable and so many more I even had to

invent a few as you can see.

The Ultimate Winter Treat to be chosen over a week in Bali.
Got Stoned out of my a hot stone massage that is!

What could be better on a cold Sunday morning than an

infinite moment in bliss where each second is thoroughly

enjoyed. Heat and more heat and hardness of stone to

soothe achy and tired muscles and techniques and ploys out

of this world. You could feel the good energy and the multi

techniques knowledge right to your bones who were thankful

as well.

Oh yeah did I mention the words priceless and sublime


I shall be eternally grateful for this piece of heaven on earth.

So if you have an hour or two to spare in the Perth region I

for one can tell you where to go! :)

Thanks Deb! Words would fail me for this as well but it was

and still is very much appreciated.

If I was rich and famous I`d have this everyday but I got a

feeling my body and my mind could not take it: a bit like a

strenuous workout without the exercise part where you need

a day off to recup from all the goodness.

And also I suppose that what makes it so precious as well is

its rarity but then again one can never have too many

precious gems or gold either! :)

Me and my big mouth I always said I was gonna get stoned one day!

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